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My love for K-pop is quite evident to everyone around me, I barely get through a conversation without throwing in a K-pop reference. My musical connection with this world phenomenon started in 2015 when I happened to stumble onto a group’s music video. Since then, I have added multiple artists to my never-ending playlists. The latest group to make me play their tracks on shuffle is GRID Entertainment’s new boyband, POW. The group consists of five varied and unique vocalists, leading the group is Yorch, a former child actor and pre-debut trainee from Thailand. Other talented members of the group include Dongyeon, Hyunbin, Hong, and Jungbin, who have all captured everyone’s attention in a short span.


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POW made its official debut in October 2023 with the release of their self-titled debut EP, after the dropping of their pre-debut song, Favorite, in September of last year. The lyrics of Favorite weaves a story of nostalgia and youth; each of the members has added their synergy and diversity to the song. And to maintain their spot on the top tunes radar, the quintet has recently shared a new catchy tune titled Valentine making it perfectly fit for the month of love. ELLE sat down with the members to know more about this new gripping ballad.

ELLE: Can you please share the concept behind Valentine?

POW: Valentine is a track that captures the exciting and bubbly confessions of young boys who have fallen in love. It captures the experience of realizing the meaning of love a bit late and, as a result, feeling compelled to pursue that love, unwilling to let the opportunity slip away.

ELLE: How much have your lives changed since your debut?

POW: Each moment’s a blast, and we’re learning lessons from every new experience. Since our debut, 24 hours just feels too short. There’s still so much more we’d like to do and time feels limited. It would be awesome to have a superpower to stop time.


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ELLE: Are there any new concepts you guys would love to explore in the future?

Dongyeon: There’s a long list but years later, I’d like to talk about what we’ve learned throughout our careers and see where we can explore more.

Jungbin: I’d love to try hip-hop music and also showcase action scenes in music videos.

Hyunbin: I would love to experiment with a dark and sexy concept.

Hong: Just like Hyunbin I want to give sexy concepts a shot which might work well for us in the future.

Yorch: I’m hoping to venture into the hip-hop genre soon. So far, we have mostly done bright and energetic songs, so I want to explore a concept that is the complete opposite.

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ELLE: Which song has the most difficult choreography to master out of all the ones you’ve already released or the upcoming ones?

Dongyeon: It’s Amazing, hands down because it’s a performance-focused track.

Jungbin: I would also pick Amazing as the most challenging. The choreography demanded the most from us physically, both in practice and during the filming of the performance videos.

Hyunbin: For me, it’s Favorite. It stands out as the one that took us the longest to master, being it was our very first song.

Hong: Memorizing Amazing was not difficult, but it was the little details that got me hooked.

Yorch: I would also say Favorite was the toughest. There is a lot of choreography and a lot of details we had to master to make it polished on the screen.


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ELLE: You guys are a new generation of K-pop stars; do you feel any pressure before a new release as K-pop is now such a big phenomenon all over the world?

Dongyeon: The old me would have undoubtedly been nervous. However, today I feel more confident than ever because I feel the unwavering support from our fans. So, no more anxiety for me, but rather excitement.

Jungbin: I feel more exhilarated than nervous to showcase our unprecedented charms. We are always working hard to present our upgraded selves.

Hyunbin: There’s feel no pressure. I prefer to focus on diligent practice and having fun on stage.

Hong: I get excited more than anything to introduce our new and different selves to our dear POWERs.

Yorch:  Honestly it’s not burdening at all. We’re just happy to express ourselves to fans through music. I am very excited to embark on this fun journey together.

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