8 Times Lana Del Rey’s Beauty Choices Amazed Us More Than Her Melancholic Music


When I first heard the sultry tunes of National Anthem, I knew I was going to be a Lana Del Rey fan for life. And with the release of her ninth studio album, Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, my love for her has grown stronger. However, apart from the impact of Lana’s singing prowess, her beauty looks have caused quite a stir among beauty enthusiasts and for all the right reasons!

When it comes to beauty, there’s nothing Lana Del Rey hasn’t experimented with. From maximalist eyeliner to old glamour, she’s done it all. While we’ve got her current releases playing on shuffle, we’re also reminiscing about all the times she served us with beauty inspiration. Known for her vintage aesthetics, most of her choices have been associated with glowing skin, flushed cheeks and bouffant hair. How could we miss her iconic eyeliner which has always been sharp enough to kill?

Here are all the times Lana Del Rey was a part of our beauty mood board.

Classic Glamour

When I think of old Hollywood glamour, I only think of Lana. This iconic music video for Young and Beautiful inspired a whole bunch of us to fall in love with the classic red lip. Set in the 1920s, Lana’s voluminous curls and red lips along with face jewels are the epitome of vintage Hollywood glam. Little did we know that this look would set the tone for the evolution of her beauty looks.

Messy Moods

Trust Lana to make ultra-messy makeup and hair look cool. Every element in the music video for ‘Video Games‘ sent Tumblr girls like me into a frenzy. Right from the dramatically puffed-up hair to the barely-there makeup, smudged-kohl eyes and pink glossy lips—all of which continue to bear the flag of Lana’s vintage aesthetic.


Even though Celestialcore began to dominate the runways only earlier this year, we’re proud to report that Lana sported this trend way before anybody did. With sleek locks that were graced by a dazzling crown of stars, she embodied this trend. Her usual dramatic winged liner was accompanied by pearly eyeshadow that further accentuated the angelic vibe she was exuding.

Flower Power

Um, our population is divided into 2 kinds of people—one who believes Snapchat filters were the reason everybody was obsessed with flower crowns and the other who just knows that Lana was the reason flower crowns continue to reign supreme. With structured waves and her treasured red lip, she’s also seen with cherry red tips on her nails.

Copper All The Way

While some may argue that the highlight of Lana’s appearance at the 2016 ELLE UK Style Awards is the impeccable dolphin skin, I’m going to make a case for her thick, copper hair. An evergreen hue of red which makes a comeback every year, Lana and copper hair are a deadly combination.

Retro Silvers

Known for her maximalist plays on eyeliner, Lana sported a double-winged eyeliner at the Echo Awards, in Berlin. With thick brows and frosted silver eyelids which could be an ode to 90s makeup, she shifts away from her usual vintage glamour. Not that we’re complaining!

Goth Vibes

Channelling her inner Morticia Addams at Versace’s show in 2013 had Lana looking every bit sultry. This makeup look has me humming to the tunes of Dark Paradise, nonstop. The intense smokey eyes and bold red lips along with her dark tresses serve dark feminine and how!

Golden Glamour

Bronzed cheeks, gilded eyelids and an earthy brown make for Lana’s beauty choices at the Cannes Festival. Her pinned curls are a testament to her unconditional love for Hollywood glamour and the graphic eyes with golden eyeshadow add a rebellious twist to it.

- Beauty Writer


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