Kiara Advani’s MUA Lekha Gupta Spills The Beans On Keeping Your Makeup Intact In The Sweltering Heat

Lekha Gupta

I always question – read envy – how these actors are able to pull off a matte, non-patchy, and clean makeup look even during the sweltering heat and outdoor events. It’s like watching them walk around with a disclaimer which, in my head, reads like ‘no amount of makeup was melted, smudged, or budged during the making of this look!’

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It’s been over a month that I haven’t applied a single dab of makeup on my face because I know it will be washed down with sweat; curse you, humidity. On the other hand, I see the celebrities walking around on the streets, especially during movie promotions, looking impeccable with not one escaping glistening drop of sweat on their face and I want in on their secret. While they do have the luxury of air-conditioned vanity vans, they do step out of it at some point. Humidity needs just TWO damn minutes to ruin it all.

I spoke to Lekha Gupta, a celebrity makeup artist who works closely with Kiara Advani, to give us a lowdown sweat-proofing makeup if you’re out on the field.

Lekha Gupta On Kiara Advani’s Dewy Look


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“My all-time favourite look on Kiara is the dewy and glowing one with naturally-flushed skin, deboned eyes, and glossy lips,” says Lekha. To achieve this look, here are the steps to follow, according to Lekha:
– Keep the base as minimal as possible. Sometimes, avoid foundation and only use a concealer wherever required. Try not caking up the foundation and allow your skin to breathe. Use a lightweight and water-based foundation so that it’s not heavy on the skin and doesn’t look caked especially in summers when one is prone to perspiration.
– Mix a good amount of a skin illuminator or strobe cream along with the base to make the skin look hydrated and glass-like.
– Use cream contours and blush to buff it right onto the skin along with the foundation so that the overall look is seamless and yet the natural contours of the face are highlighted.
– Gently powder with translucent powder to set it all. Don’t use a compact as it’s heavy.
– Use earthy nude eyeshadows like a soft brown or a pale peach on the eyelids to define the natural contours of the eyes. Remember to use bright colours (and not dark ones) as these open up the eyes and make them look fresh. I prefer using a coral tone to contour the eye and move it along the crease to lift the eye instantly. This gives an instant glow and makes the look come alive.
– Define the lower lash line with a soft brown to enhance the eyes and drag it outward to give the illusion of an elongated eye. If you love wearing kohl go ahead and rim the eyes with a brown shade to maintain the softness and freshness of the look. Curl the lashes well to open up the eyes and gently apply a good mascara to make them look fluttery. Keep the brows as natural as possible and don’t overdraw them.
– Finish the look with soft glam lips. A gloss or tinted balm always helps in making the lips look healthy and plump. It adds a healthy flush of colour and hydration to the lips without making them the centre of attention.


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Makeup Essentials And Tips

ELLE: Given that Kiara was promoting relentlessly, even outdoors, how did you manage to sweat-proof her makeup?

Lekha Gupta (LG): Thankfully she doesn’t perspire much. Besides that, I always try and keep the base minimal and use waterproof makeup wherever possible. The key here is less is more.

ELLE: Most of Kiara’s looks are achieved using neutral earthy shades. Is that a trend prediction for the season?

LG: This is a look which never goes out of fashion. It’s my favourite look for all seasons. Having said that, internationally the biggest trends of 2022 are likely to be ‘fresh’ with perfectly feathered brows, dewy blush, and bold lips.

ELLE: What’s the one product that’s irreplaceable in your vanity?

LG: There are many such products but to name a few, it’s Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow and lipstick and lip pencil in the shade Pillow Talk, M.A.C Embark eyeshadow called embark and Dior Rosy Glow blush.

ELLE: You work with different celebrities, what are the things you keep in mind while designing a makeup look for each of them?

LG: If it’s for a film, I consider the character she’s playing along with her ethnicity and age. And then everything else fits in. If it’s for other events, a lot would depend upon what the actor is wearing and the format of the event. Based on that I highlight and enhance the features of the face while keeping the base light and skin-like.

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