Lenskart Unveils Their Latest Collaboration With French Brand, Le Petit Lunetier

Ever wondered what’s common amongst aesthetics like the office siren, maximalism and geek chic? The glasses! The eyewear industry is an ever-changing landscape with brands coming up with the newest collections almost every month. Lenskart, a leading retailer in the industry is all set to redefine the country’s eyewear landscape with the launch of the French eyewear brand, Le Petit Lunetier, as an exclusive partner.

Straight from the streets of Paris, these magnifique frames are now just a click away! Nail the micro trends and get ‘gram ready with their latest collection curated for exuding confidence and self-expression through their chic designs.

Founded in 2015 by former Google executive Jérémie Encaoua and optician Elie Attias, Le Petit Lunetier is an upcoming eyewear brand that offers quality, trendsetting designs and affordability. Lenskart as a brand is always ahead of the trends and ensures that its consumers are in the same boat.

Jérémie Encaoua sits with ELLE to share all about the brand and its future plans for India.

ELLE: Why did you choose India to launch your brand?

Jérémie Encaoua: India was a natural choice for the launch of our brand for several compelling reasons. Our initial encounter with Peyush Bansal in Milano sparked a dialogue on the potential of broadening our partnership internationally. As we delved deeper into our discussions to explore new markets,
our visit to India provided invaluable insights. The Indian market presented a unique opportunity for our brand to resonate with a diverse array of fashion-forward and globally-conscious consumers.

Moreover, our interactions with the Lenskart team further solidified our conviction in the viability of India as a strategic launchpad. Their product expertise, coupled with our design vision for innovation and excellence, created a synergy that paved the way for a fruitful collaboration.

ELLE: How is the Indian consumer different from the French one?

JE: When analysing the global customer landscape, our perspective is shaped by insights gleaned from thorough research conducted by Lenskart’s marketing team. Our observations reveal a striking convergence in consumer preferences worldwide, underscored by a shared affinity for Instagram-driven trends spanning design, colour palettes and fashion sensibilities. Understanding the unique intricacies inherent to each market, our collaborative efforts with the Lenskart team have been focused on meticulously positioning our brand to resonate perfectly with the Indian market. This strategic alignment led us to embrace luxury and premium brands, a decision rooted in meticulous craftsmanship, innovative designs, and uncompromising quality synonymous with our products. From the inception of our designs to the intricacies of manufacturing and supply chain management, every aspect reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring that our offerings exceed the discerning standards of Indian consumers.

ELLE: What are some of the key styles you see becoming favourites in India?

JE: Currently, the prevailing trend leans heavily towards oversized frames, representing a bold statement in eyewear fashion. Embracing this trend not only allows individuals to express their unique personalities but also elevates their overall aesthetic appeal. We place significant emphasis on bold colours, complementing the boldness of our designs, as this approach resonates most strongly with our audience and aligns seamlessly with our brand ethos.

ELLE: Does the brand intend to launch an India-specific collection?

JE: We are confident in our ability to adapt and evolve, drawing insights from the frames we have already launched. Recognising the diverse nuances inherent to each market, whether in terms of marketing strategies, commercial operations, or tailoring products to meet unique Indian preferences, we remain committed to refining our approach. We intend to initiate product launches in the Indian market, leveraging this invaluable learning experience to inform subsequent launches in our core markets such as France and Europe. By prioritising the Indian market as our initial launch pad, we aim to establish a solid foundation upon which to expand our global presence with carefully curated offerings tailored to specific market demands.

ELLE: What cities in India do you see becoming early adopters of the brand?

JE: Our market analysis indicates that metropolitan cities are poised to spearhead the adoption of our products, owing to their cosmopolitan nature and heightened fashion consciousness. However, our observations also reveal promising performance metrics in tier 2 cities, which signify a premium aspiration beyond major urban centres.

- Digital Intern


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