5 Wholesome On-Screen Queer Love Stories For You To Watch

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If you search the definition of “love stories (story)” on google, it says, a story about a romantic relationship.” That’s it. A harmonious and adorable union between two individuals with a serving of tiny fights and 3 am serious discussions about life. But this amorous partnership falls in the category of a tragic love story if and when one ends up getting shunned from the town, one has to run away, or one ends up becoming a victim of something gruesome, right?

LGBTQ portrayal was exiguously scanty years ago but now, as we go forth, we have seen some beautiful representations on the silver screen but either it has a desolate conclusion or an epilogue so incomplete and sad that it can be called “no representation” only. Yes, the discriminatory viewpoint towards the community is nothing shocking, there are people with many opinions which make sense only to them but cinema and television are the kind of medium in which people can find solace in.

It is imperative for people to be cognizant of their struggles, sure but what comes first is showing the people of the LGBTQ community that they don’t have to hold their breaths, keep some tissue ready and brace themselves every time to see something despairing happen to one of the queer characters on the screen. There was no written rule for love, there’s no specific way to love so here are some wholesome on-screen couples with the most heartwarming romance ever with their own little tales.

Don’t ditch the tissues though, they will be needed for this joyride of aww-someness (mainly, the aww)!

David & Patrick (Schitt’s Creek)

Schitt's Creek" Just Gave Us One Of Their Most Emotional Moments Ever And I Have To Talk About It | Schitts creek, Couple moments, Creek

This show has the purest confession of love, a strong, opposites attract trope with these two and a love story so epic that it will stay with you for every season. No, there’s no extra, unnecessary drama so they might just become your comfort couple. Also, a huge shot of giddiness is involved. They are simply the best (ifykyk)!

Nick & Charlie (Heartstopper)

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Started with, “Hi.” for them, and ended with me gushing about them for weeks and weeks. This is a coming of age story about two teens, Nick Nelson and Charlie where one is finding himself and the other understands his true worth but both being an instrumental part of each other’s journey. A love so pure, that you want to call your high school crush and ask him to take notes from them. 

Mitch & Cameron (Modern Family) 

Best of Modern Family Mitch and Cam

A drama queen, Broadway obsessed football coach and a Type A personality lawyer who loves to gossip-mix these two together and you get a conjugal bond so sassy, so genuine, and real that it honestly makes you wish that you can spend one day with them, out in the park,  with their adopted daughter Lily, who is a certified spitfire. Plus they have the cutest wedding, ever. 

Kevin & Raymond (Brooklyn 99)

holt and kevin | Brooklyn nine nine, Memes, Cool pictures

Brooklyn 99 is a show which shows the most endearing form of relationships- friendships, brotherhood and a strong love towards their vending machine. There, in that safe space of a show, we have Raymond and Kevin working their way to our hearts with jokes only they find funny, movies which only they would enjoy, notable cello artists only they would know- call it the best matrimonial bliss. No care in the world, it’s just them for each other. 

Casey and Izzie (Atypical)

i'm not looking for easy — casey & izzie – quotes

We get enemies into lovers’ trope with these two. ‘Nuf said. A power couple tbh, with both the women being absolutely fierce and just soft for each other, being extremely competitive but substantially more supportive. You just can’t hate this dynamic duo plus there will be so many sparks flying, that it’ll be arduous to take your eyes away from them. They need a spinoff show, asap. 

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