Linen Blonde Hair Is The Low-Maintenance Version Of Blonde That’s Everywhere Right Now

Linen blonde

If you thought quiet luxury was a fleeting trend, you’re mistaken. Even though it took off when the satirical drama Succession was at its peak, it has managed to maintain its spot even today. So is anyone really surprised that it has found its way to even beauty trends now? Enter linen blonde, the newest hair colour trend that defines quiet luxury. This one is going to convince you that ‘blondes truly have the most fun’. If you’re someone who has always been wary of icy and platinum blondes but wanted to dip your toes into the blonde pool, this colour is for you. Not only is it extremely low-maintenance when compared to its counterparts, but it’s also versatile.

What Is Linen Blonde?


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As the name suggests, linen blonde takes its hue from the classic beige linen cloth. It displays cool and neutral undertones with different shades of beige suited to your skin tone. This hue shows understated elegance with its balance between warm and cool tones. The presence of taupe and beige adds a certain level of depth to your overall look without it looking too flashy. The best part about this colour is that it doesn’t require a full transformation like the other blonde variants. Its flexible nature allows one to customise the exact level of blonde that you’d want in your hair. So if you’re looking for subtle lowlights, an ombre look or an intense balayage—linen blonde can do it all!

How Do You Get The Look?

Due to its customisable nature, linen hair isn’t a one-size-fits hair colour like the other ones. Its versatility allows it to cater to all skin tones and existing hair colours so one doesn’t have to worry about linen blonde washing out their complexion. There is a shade of linen blonde that complements every complexion. If you’re confused about which one matches your skin, be sure to request a soft blend of taupe and beige tones that are fail-proof and usually suit every skin tone. Since linen blonde doesn’t require all-over-hair colour, it uses techniques such as lowlights, balayage or colour melt to add dimensionality and depth to your colour.

Things To Keep In Mind

Linen blonde

Luckily for us, linen blonde hair isn’t as high maintenance as buttercream or icy blonde so it doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. However, upkeep varies according to the intensity of blonde in your hair. Any amount of hair colour is going to require some extra TLC to ensure that your hair isn’t feeling coarse and lifeless. Here’s how you can keep your linen blond locks looking fresh and nourished—

Get regular touch-ups: While this may be something that proves to be heavy on the pocket, consistently touching up your hair will make sure it always looks fresh. With hues of blonde, the colour tends to become brassy and lose its original beige tone, a touch-up will take away the yellow, brassy tones and bring out the neutral ones.

Opt for blonde-specific hair products: While using colour-protecting haircare is a must when you have coloured hair, with any hues of blonde it’s crucial to use haircare products that specifically cater to its care. These products are infused with pigments that neutralise brass tones and strive to maintain the original blonde whilst you go for your next touch-up.

Incorporate deep conditioning into your routine: Hair colour inflicts damage on your hair making it brittle and coarse. Deep conditioning treatments reverse this damage by restoring natural shine to it.

Never comb your hair when it’s wet: A cardinal rule of haircare that applies fiercely when you dye your hair blonde is that it should never be combed when it’s wet. Doing so ends up tugging your hair at the roots, making it prone to breakage, considering that it’s already damaged because of the colour.

If you’re looking for some celebrity inspo to show your hair colourist, we’ve got you covered.

Soft Linen Blonde Balayage

The ultimate epitome of linen blonde hair is a soft balayage with darker roots since it’s low-maintenance and grows out seamlessly.

Taupe Linen Blonde


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Keep the blonde at a minimum with this taupe linen blonde style which features sparse blonde highlights on a dark brown base.

Beachy Linen Blonde

Everyone loves a good beachy blonde, but a full head of it can get a little intimidating for most. A beachy linen blonde has a mixture of cool-toned browns and blondes which give it a softer look.

Face Framing Linen Blonde Melts


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A brown base of any hue is ideal for a linen blonde melt since the two colours seamlessly blend with each other. Add face-framing blonde pieces into the mix if you’re not afraid of some extra blonde action!

Dimensional Linen Blonde

Sometimes blonde hues can end up flattening your face, this dimensional linen blonde is the perfect way to add some depth to your overall look.

Babylight Linen Blonde


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If you’re really high on the low-maintenance factor, leave your dark hair base untouched and opt for subtle linen blonde babylights on the tips of your hair for a subdued blonde look.

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