Lipstick VS Lip Mousse: What Is The Difference?

Your journey with makeup might have started with lipstick but the beauty industry, as we knew it then, has changed. We have so many options to choose from – lipsticks, lip glosses, lip tints, lip mousses and many more. Lip mousses have been catching people’s eye for a while now, and some swear by them. But how are they different from lipsticks? And what’s the hype about? We investigate.

What Is The Difference?


Texture And Formulation


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Lipsticks are available in all kinds of textures, from matte, satin, and gloss, to cream and glitter. The formulation is different for each texture, and so is the look and feel aspect. They can be liquid, cream or even in crayon forms. As Serena Vanderwoodsen said, “Lipsticks last longer, but gloss is more fun”. Lipsticks are usually long-lasting especially when in a matte finish. “Matte liquid lipsticks provide great coverage that can’t be overlooked,” says Kajol R Paswwan, makeup artist. 

Lip Mousse


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Lip mousse is (sort of) like liquid lipstick but with a creamy consistency. They are air-whipped, which gives them a lightweight texture. It goes on smoothly and has a matte or creamy finish. This lip product feels smooth and weightless on the lips. “They are pigmented, usually shiny or matte and offer a generous amount of instant bold colour. But the con is that they wear off quickly, especially while eating or drinking,” says Kajol. Lip mousses are also extremely hydrating as they are usually enriched with essential oils or vitamin E. 

Lipsticks usually come in fun packaging like the classic twist-up for bullet lipsticks, in pans or tubes with applicators. However, lip mousses can be found only in tubes with doe-foot applicators.

Which One Should You Pick?

With so many options, it is quite hard to say which product is the best for you. Most people have all of these in their arsenal to mix and match or pick a product based on what kind of look or event you are going for. However, a few points that can help you narrow down are the textures, colours and longevity. “Go with lip mousses because hydration is extremely important, especially when you are out for a long day at work. But on night outs or special occasions, I would recommend matte liquid lipsticks as it provides a very elegant and bold finish that lasts for a longer duration,” says Kajol.

Here are some lip colour hacks that Kajol swears by and will help you up your makeup game. PS: These hacks can be used with lipsticks, lip mousses and all other formulations.

Make your lips pop: After lip colour application, use a concealer and a flat or angled brush to outline the lips and give them a cleaner, sharper look that will pop. 

Prevent lipsticks from staining teeth: Lipstick on your teeth can be embarrassing. This mainly happens due to the extra lip colour on the inside of your lips. Form an ‘O’ with your lips, place your index finger in the mouth and close it. Remove the finger gently, so the excess lip colour comes on the finger.

Make your lips look fuller: Use a scrub to exfoliate away the dead skin on your lips; this will also increase the blood flow, giving your looks a flush of colour and a plumper look. Top it off with a lip balm to hydrate the lips and create a smooth base for your lip colour to go on.

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