LIVA X ELLE: Gul Panag And Nachiket Barwe Navigating The Different Aspects of Being #ThoughtfullyFashionable


In a thoughtful initiative with LIVA, we recently launched a series of panel discussions tapping into the various facets of fashion relevant to the world today. Professionals from different walks of life shared their inputs on subjects like sustainability, self-confidence and comfort over style. Here are the highlights from the first conversations and the takeaways you need to note down.

Thoughtfully Fashionable: The Role Of Comfort In Fashion

“Fashion has to be easy, fashion has to be effortless and fashion has to make you feel good,” shared designer Nachiket Barve in his opening statement. Nachiket is known for seamlessly marrying functionality with style and always prioritising comfort in fashion, which also was the topic of discussion for the panel between him and actor/activist Gul Panag. “Comfort dictates confidence, and the pandemic has shifted the focus towards how every day cosy clothing can also be stylish,” shared Gul. Both of them unanimously agreed on the fact that comfort comes from the right kind of fabric and the way it is tailored. A well-constructed garment made out of a sustainable fabric will make you feel a lot more comfortable and confident, and it will also last you much longer.

In an effort to start a consistent conversation around the subject of sustainable fashion, this is a part of a series of panel discussions hosted by ELLE India, in association with LIVA. To watch more, stay tuned to our social media pages, and also check out the Thoughtfully Fashionable tab for advice on making informed, and sustainable fashion choices.

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