Smooth Sailing: Lubes Are Meant For Everyone’s Sexual Needs And Here Are The Best Ones


Even if you feel like you don’t need it, you need lube in your life. I made the mistake of foregoing its use when I initially began engaging in sexual activities, and boy, do I regret it now! Let’s be real, how many times have we been in an unexpected sexual situation where saliva hasn’t been enough to smoothen things over? One too many. Most of us tend to rely on saliva as lube, and it’s high time we stop doing that. Not only does saliva make you prone to sexually transmitted diseases and vaginal infections, but it also isn’t the best option for a lube since it tends to dry up quicker compared to usual lubes.

Including lube in your sex life can result in a much better experience in the sense that it guarantees you no friction at all—whether you’re engaging in oral sex, penetrative sex or even anal sex. For instance, one can experience vaginal dryness owing to several reasons, lube comes in handy then. When it comes to anal activities, lube is your messiah since the anus doesn’t self-lubricate as the vagina does! Individuals that deal with painful sensations in the vagina whilst having sex can also benefit from lube since it makes the penetration process a whole lot smoother.

Now, lubes aren’t one size fits all. In the ever-dynamic market, there exists a variety of lubes that cater to different kinds of scenarios and sexual needs. Overall, there are 3 types of lubes one can choose from.

Water-based lubes: As the name suggests, water-based lubes are lubricants that a formulated with a water base along with certain other agents. These lubes work well for everyone, especially those that have sensitive skin that is prone to infections. Due to its consistency and texture, it’s less likely to stain your bedsheets or sofas and chairs. Water-based lube reigns a little superior compared to oil-based lube since it doesn’t cause the condom to break! However, since its consistency is water-like it dries up faster than usual and needs to be reapplied more often.

Oil-based lubes: Oil-based lubes are extremely long-lasting compared to their water and silicon counterparts. However, there are chances of these lubes leaving behind a residue on sheets and other materials since they contain oils. However, oil-based lubes and condoms aren’t the best duo since the ingredients present can cause a condom to break. Opt for these when you’re engaging in anal play or looking to amp up your foreplay with some sensual massages.

Silicon-based lubes: These are all-rounders since they work effectively for every sexual activity—oral sex, anal sex and penetrative sex too! Lying somewhere between water-based lubes and oil-based ones, silicon lubes feature a formula that lasts longer and provides extreme slickness. However, if you’re choosing to use sex toys, silicon lube isn’t the best option since it leads to the toy being damaged (most sex toys are made using silicone).

Now that we’ve transformed you into mini-lube experts, here’s our list of lubricants that you need to try out.

MyMuse Glide Silicon

An extremely long-lasting silicone-based lube, MyMuse’s Glide Silicon works like a dream for those days when you’re all fired up to stay in bed for longer than usual. Its formula is luxuriously thick and non-drying, so one doesn’t really have to fret about reapplication.

MsChief Classic Lube

The Classic Lube from MsChief is a water-based lube that is enriched with ingredients such as sea buckthorn, aloe vera and Vitamin E. Being a natural lube, this one maintains the pH balance of your vagina, shielding it from infections.

The Sangya Project Infinity Lube

An aloe and cucumber water-based lube, the Infinity Lube from The Sangya Project is non-sticky and also vegan! Being water-based it can be rinsed easily, with just warm water.

The Sassy Thing DTF Personal Lubricant

With flaxseed extract that reduces inflammation and lemon extract that balances the pH level of your skin, the DTF Personal Lubricant from The Sassy Thing is non-irritating and unflavored.

Leezu’s Coconut Self Love Oil


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A new one on the block, the Self-Love Coconut Oil from Leezu’s is a multitasker since it can be used for internal and external use too. Being an oil-based lube, its texture is a little thicker than usual. Not to be used with latex, this lube can double up as a massage oil and work well for anal play.

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