Bollywood Ladies To Look Up For Maternity Fashion Inspiration

Maternity Fashion

There was a time when maternity fashion largely entailed smocks, loosely-fitted kurtas and garments that didn’t exactly scream fashion forward. It was like maternity fashion was synonymous with clothing that wasn’t fun. And while everyone should be allowed whatever the heck they please, we wish mommies-to-be could combine style and comfort. And that’s happening. Ladies today are choosing are treating the streets like their personal runaway and maternity fashion has had a complete makeover. Bollywood’s leading ladies have stepped away from the mundane and are embracing fashion with a passion. There are cute dresses, sexy overalls, flowy kaftans. If you’re looking for some maternity fashion inspiration, you’ve to look no further.

Kareena Kapoor Khan


Kareena Kapoor’s maternity fashion featured an eclectic mix of easy, breezy kaftans, oversized shirts and then an occasional dress where she looked like she had been poured into it. We love how she glammed it up with heels. So casual, yet so interesting.

Lisa Haydon


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If there was ever a look book created on maternity fashion, I would tear out the pages with Lisa Haydon on them and pin it to a mood board because she does this so right. Lisa’s Instagram page is the just the place for style inspo during pregnancy. From ribbed dresses to bikinis, her fashion choices are anything but basic.

Sameera Reddy


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Sameera Reddy didn’t just look fabulous during her pregnancy, she took it to the next level. Unfiltered, her fashion choices are a reflection of her personality- fun and engaging. During her pregnancy, she also did an underwater shoot that us holding our breath, in the best possible way.

Anushka Sharma

We got only a few glimpses into Anushka Sharma’s maternity fashion, given that those 9 months were spent in lockdowns but when she did put up pictures, it was always sunshine and happiness. Her pregnancy announcement had her in a polka dotted dress and then on, she rocked a swimsuit, pastel overalls and kurtas, switching between all of them with aplomb.



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Kalki’s wardrobe is fabulously quirky and her maternity fashion was no different. She flaunted her baby belly in printed swimsuits and easy kaftans. Then she would switch it up with a cowl dress and a dressy kurti. Kalki was never predictable with her picks and we want a leaf out of her fashion book.

Neha Dhupia


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Neha Dhupia has never been the kind to shy away from taking fashion risks. And her maternity style was testimony to that. Sure there were plenty of kaftans but she threw in sheer tops, abstract print shrugs, sexy black dresses, it was like watching a fashion show for mommies-to-be.

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