Everything You Need To Know About Nipple Piercings Including How Much It Hurts And Healing Time

Nipple Piercings

“You’re kidding me!” “I wish I could do something this crazy!” “Wait, how much did it hurt?” “Umm, how exactly are you going to feed your hypothetical, future baby?” These are just a few questions that are thrown at me when people find out I have nipple piercings. Everybody’s always got something to say about them. Like it or not, nipple piercings are going to be the IT accessory of the season. Which is to say they are in fashion, not that they are like the latest mouse or tech accessory. 

Kendall Jenner Nipple Piercing

Over the years we’ve seen the likes of Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and even Kristen Stewart unabashedly sport this daring piercing, and honestly, we’re always going to be here for it. A versatile accessory that does a stellar job at taking your confidence up a notch with feelings of liberation attached, a nipple piercing may just be all your life needs at this moment. However, let’s address the elephant in the room before we thoroughly convince you to book that piercing appointment!

Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercings automatically give birth to a gazillion questions ranging from safety, to how comfortable they are and what all you need to keep in mind before you get your first one. So we spoke to J’son D’souza also known as Mr. Piercer, a piercing veteran and teacher who’s been practising in India and Europe for the last 17 years, and here’s what he had to say—

On a scale of 1-10, how bad is the pain?

I may be operating from a personal bias as someone with a massively high tolerance for pain, especially when I say that the pain is negligible, to say the least. “Is that it? I thought it would’ve been worse”, is a common response Jason receives right after. He says that even though the pain threshold for each person is invariably different, women tend to have a higher threshold than compared to men. After 16 piercings and over 30 tattoos, I have to say that I agree with that one.

What exactly is the process like?

An extremely swift process that will be over before you know it, getting your nipples pierced is a lot easier than you’d think. J’son always opts for professional piercing needles that are meant to be used only once, along with implant-grade Titanium jewellery. The needle is passed through the nipple, followed by the jewellery— when I got this done, it barely took a couple of seconds! “Always head to a professional piercer who’s well-equipped to deal with and offer intimate piercings, since a nipple piercing is quite advanced piercing,” advises J’son.

How long does it take to heal?

Right before I decided to take the impulsive plunge of getting my nipples pierced, I spent hours on the Internet trying to prep myself. Most of the testimonials sent chills through my spine since they all talked about the piercings taking months to heal! However, luckily all thanks to impeccable aftercare, I found my piercings healed in about 4-6 weeks. J’son chimes in, “Aftercare is the most crucial aspect of the piercing healing properly. The standard time is about 2-6 months, however, I’ve had clients whose piercings have healed within 6 weeks too!”

What kind of piercings should you go for?

Nipple Piercings

With so many options out there, choosing one piercing can be a little confusing. But J’son only uses and recommends Implant-grade Titanium. Opting for a simple rod as opposed to any complicated jewellery is the wisest choice to make when you pierce your nipples for the first time. Once it’s healed, you can always change it.

What is the aftercare of a nipple piercing like?

“The primary part of the aftercare associated with a nipple piercing is keeping the pierced area squeaky clean, and giving your body the time to heal without giving it any trauma,” says J’son. He advises against wearing tight clothes and getting into any public water areas like pools or even the sea, since this can cause contamination. Yep, that means no planning any vacations when you get this piercing! Any sort of movement will only delay the healing process, so put a pause on all sexual activities too.

Do these result in extra sensitivity?

Nipple Piercing

Personally, I definitely believe that nipple piercings have the power to improve your sensitivity by copious amounts. This instantly translates to having a blast in the bedroom with your partner. Extra sensitive nipples when touched or flicked, can result in intense arousal, and who doesn’t enjoy that?

How prone are nipple piercings to infections?

J’son says that “No piercing is prone to infection if it’s done the correct way along with tools and jewellery of the optimal quality. That being said, aftercare is equally crucial in preventing any kind of infection.”

Can you breastfeed after piercing your nipple?

This one is for all of my concerned friends who are worried about my hypothetical child dying hungry because of my pierced nipples! J’son assures that it’s entirely safe for a woman to breastfeed after her nipple piercing has healed. 

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