Off The Rack: Meagan Concessio Is Bollywood’s Go-To Stylist And There Are Many Reasons Why

Meagan Concessio

If we were to ask the masses about Bollywood’s best dressed women currently, more than half the population would name Ananya Panday as the frontrunner, without a doubt. With a bulletproof sense of red carpet style that seems to effortlessly run in congruence with her personal aesthetics, it’s imperative that we credit her stylist of choice – Meagan Concessio.

The LCF alumna is known for an extensive portfolio and has styled the cream of Bollywood royalty including the likes of Tara Sutaria, Sanya Malhotra and more. As a part of our ongoing interview series ‘Off The Rack,’ this time, we caught up with Meagan Concessio, who spilled the beans on her early days, her connect to the Kapoors and wrapping up her styling mandate for The Crew.

ELLE: Tell us about your styling journey, from the beginning.

Meagan Concessio: My styling journey began when I was 17. I first joined a publication as a fashion intern. I left for London two years later to get a degree in styling. I would assist several magazine and costume stylists during my summer and winter vacations. I was so eager to work in the industry that all I cared about was filling up my days with assisting gigs. It was my top most priority. When I graduated from university in 2014, I already had plenty of work experience from the internships I had done that I landed a job as a junior stylist with Rhea Kapoor in early 2015. It was working for Rhea and Sonam and that really taught me everything I know about styling. The exposure I received as an assistant was beyond anything I had ever dreamed of having. As I grew more confident, I began taking on styling jobs independently, this was towards the end of 2017.

In 2018, I moved on to Manish Malhotra’s team for a film, where I met Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria. Over the years, I’ve explored many fields within styling, but my first love will always be dressing celebrities for appearances, red carpets and events. There’s something about adding my aesthetic to compliment a person’s individual style that excites me. Following that would be advertising because honestly that’s where you receive the highest compensation. The journey to get here has been a rollercoaster and not many people talk about the uncertainty that comes with being a freelancer and the lack of knowledge / awareness of the business when you begin taking on independent work. Though I’ve made a lot of mistakes I’m happy I did so that I can move forward with clarity.

ELLE: Three core skills to make it as a stylist in India.

Meagan Concessio: Good people skills, a strong work ethic along with a keen sense of business understanding and confidence.

ELLE: What was your ‘I made it’ moment that really set things in motion for you professionally?

Meagan Concessio: There have been a few career defining moments, where I received immense praise and validation for the work I put out. My first film promotion with Tara Sutaria was one of them, an event for Swarovski with Ananya Panday in New York was another. Also, my most recent project – styling Ananya Panday for Dream Girl 2 promotions has been a game changer for me.

ELLE: A Hollywood celebrity you’d love to style and why.

Meagan Concessio: Rihanna, because she will always be a fashion icon to me. As they say “It’s ugly until Rihanna decides it’s not.” There’s no one who can pull off an outfit the way she does, and while there are several Hollywood celebrities who experiment with their looks now, in my opinion there hasn’t been anyone who can come close to Rihanna. For me, she’ll be the OG forever!

ELLE: How would you describe your personal style?

Meagan Concessio: My personal style is timeless seasonless pieces with a hint of sporty.

ELLE: Take us through some exciting projects you’re currently working on / are looking forward to being a part of, in the near future.

Meagan Concessio: I am almost done filming for Rhea Kapoor’s film The Crew, where I have worked with Kriti Sanon. I’m currently in Vietnam giving the other parts of my life some love as I’ve been focused on styling through the year non stop.

ELLE: Three songs you have on repeat.

Meagan Concessio: I still have my 90s and early 2000s playlist on repeat. I’m very random with my taste in music. When I watched The Sound of Music, I listened to only their music for two whole weeks. Same with the Elvis movie and Bohemian Rhapsody.

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