Here’s How Panthenol Could Be Your Path To Luscious Hair

While you must have tried every possible product and ingredient to combat dryness in hair, it’s time to give this new ingredient a try. We are talking about panthenol, one of the main ingredients in haircare products which helps to retain moisture in hair and gives it a boost of hydration. If you wish to include panthenol in your hair care routine, here is everything you need to know about it.

What Is Panthenol?

Panthenol is obtained from a synthetic source and is commonly used in moisturisers for skin and conditioners for hair. It is a component of pantothenic acid that is alcohol-based, an element of the B complex vitamins. This generally exists at room temperature in powder or oil form. Panthenol may also be called D-pantothenyl alcohol, butanamide or provitamin B-5 on an ingredient list.

Benefits Of Panthenol


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Panthenol is a popular haircare ingredient because it works as a humectant and retains moisture. It draws moisture from the environment and works as an emollient that smoothens damaged or dry hair. The ingredient is ideal for coarse hair because it helps correct the imperfections in the hair shaft by smoothening it. The ingredient is converted into vitamin B5 when it enters the body. The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin B5 or panthenol aid in repairing damaged hair. Panthenol is a promising ingredient that helps to reverse the effects of thinning hair and has shown an increase in cell viability and hair growth. Balancing out the moisture content in the hair is vital to improve the suppleness and that is a task panthenol overtakes while penetrating into the cortex to strengthen the hair.

How To Use Panthenol For Hair?

Panthenol is suitable for most hair types; for best results, it requires to be present in at least 1 per cent concentration.  As a low-risk ingredient, panthenol can be found in many products with no restrictions with regards to its application. You can treat yourself to hair masks or conditioning treatments with panthenol once in a while to ensure give it a boost of hydration. Panthenol can also be included as a part of a shampoo or a leave-in product to maximise moisture retention. It is best to refer to the product directions to integrate panthenol into a hair care regimen in the most effective way.

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