Great Timing: Horology And Fashion Come Together With Papa Don’t Preach X SEVENFRIDAY

papa don't preach

Founded in Mumbai in 2010 by Shubhika Sharma, Papa Don’t Preach is both unabashed and unconventional. It infuses luxury, ready-to-wear, bridal couture, and accessories with invention and consciousness. In favour of inclusivity in terms of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and body structure, they prioritise intentional designs and reject fads. Social campaigns demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of craftspeople.

Since 2012, the Swiss lifestyle brand SEVENFRIDAY, founded by Daniel Niederer, has been revolutionising the watchmaking industry by utilising unique and avant-garde designs that reject the mundane. Their watches, bracelets, and eyewear—which feature neon colours, architectural art deco, and inventive 3D printing—defy convention and are inspired by industrial elements. With its distinctive “squircle” shape and unique concept stores,  SEVENFRIDAY leaves a lasting impression

The result is a unique partnership. Innovative designs from SEVENFRIDAY combine with bold innovation from Papa Don’t Preach. By fusing avant-garde watchmaking techniques with overt couture, the partnership creates purposeful, experimental pieces that fun, quirky and interesting.

They transform fashion and timekeeping at the same time, permanently altering the landscape of style.

Pearl embellishments, shimmering colours, mirrored mirror work, and a strong focus on femininity define the designer’s signature style. Intricate details, vivid colours, and floral patterns are hallmarks of Papa Don’t Preach’s designs.  Several celebrities, including Chrissy Teigen and Alia Bhatt, have been spotted sporting Papa Don’t Preach designs.

papa dont preach

By collaborating with SEVENFRIDAY, Papa Don’t Preach is now offering a new angle on fashion accessories and appealing to watch enthusiasts. Discs with an industrial theme, multi-layered dials, and a well-chosen colour scheme are characteristics of SEVENFRIDAY watches, as demonstrated by the C1/01 and C2/01 models.

The female-led design team at Papa Don’t Preach and Shubhika had a vision for a unique dial for this collaboration: a panther intertwined with maximalist mythical flowers and vibrant floral patterns.

The lacquered heart-shaped crown is a standout feature. Raised components give it a three-dimensional, enticing appearance and provide depth.

papa don't preach

Apart from the timepieces, Papa Don’t Preach embellished the SEVENFRIDAY wooden crate with a personalised bright pink canvas tote bearing the saying “Like a ribbon around a bomb.”

As Andre Breton put it, “This collaboration reflects a meeting of elegance with vibrant and unpredictable energy,” reminiscent of Frida Kahlo’s creative fervour.

Shubhika Sharma, Founder & CEO of Papa Don’t Preach, says, “When I first met Dan, the founder of Seven Friday, four years ago at a social event, we were excited to discuss our respective brands and found that our ideologies matched. What came next was a collaboration four years in the making, with us taking calls and meetings across time zones and throughout the pandemic.

We knew no matter how long it took, we would be creating works of art, and I’m extremely proud of how it turned out. These watches mark an exhilarating new phase in our journey, enabling our customers to embrace a fragment of the Papaverse on their wrists.”

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- Jr. Fashion Writer


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