6 Patisserie Spots In Mumbai To Indulge Your Sweet Cravings


Whenever you’re stressed, just remember that stressed spelt backwards is desserts! Sure, I might start with a cliche but there’s nothing regular about these dessert bars and restaurants serving up the most delicious treats. An indulgent tiramisu or a decadent chocolate mousse can instantly make your day better. Plus, who doesn’t like to indulge in some creamy and chocolatey goodness, right? Whether you want to binge on a dessert post a meal or just need something sweet to satisfy those midnight cravings, these patisserie spots in Mumbai will be your go-to!

1. Cou Cou

It’s not very often that you see an open kitchen in a patisserie but Cou Cou is an exception. The French patisserie’s bakery and savoury section showcases an enticing assortment of freshly baked breads, with an opportunity to witness them being baked right in front of you. Cou Cou stands for everyday indulgence, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself digging into their decadent cakes, pastries, tarts, chocolates and cookies. Your sweet tooth will be happy for sure! 


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2. Chez Oi

If you thought fancy isn’t fun, let the desserts at this patisserie prove you wrong. Chez Oi brings you indulgent pastries that evoke an emotion, whether it rekindles your childhood memories or turns your drab day into a fab one. For instance, the Feel Good cake is made to keep you company through all emotions and situations and the Movie Night Crunch was born out of the idea to have a perfect, cinema themed date at home. It even comes with a movie ticket and a list of their top foodie movie recommendations on it! What’s not to love?

3. Monèr – Bistro | Dessert Bar

A bistro during the day serving savoury dishes to a lit up dessert bar and cafe at night whipping up Instagram-worthy desserts–that’s just how Monèr rolls. Whether it’s the coffee bean-shaped Mascarpone & Espresso mousse to its apple-shaped entremet cake, the desserts here look so pretty that you don’t even feel like breaking into them. But when you do, be rest assured you’re palate is going to be treated to comforting flavours!

4. House Of Amel

A contemporary take on comforting baked classics with a special focus on individual elements, House of Amel conceptualises desserts in a way that gives every ingredient the attention it deserves. From plated desserts to unique cakes that can be a part of your celebratory occasions, Amel gives a chic and contemporary twist to familiar flavours. The patisserie’s newly-launched menu is a treat for mango lovers as it features the Alphonso mangoes as the hero of every dessert. Binge on the its interesting desserts such as Sunshine (a classic flavour pairing of mangoes and cream), Spring (mangoes & white chocolate in the form of a tart) and Summer (a spin on the classic Mango baked cheesecake–yum!


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5. An Ode To Gaia

If you’ve turned to a vegan lifestyle and are on the hunt for some delicious vegan desserts, bookmark An Ode To Gaia. From tarts and cakes to macarons and cookies, all the baked goodies are plant-based. The mere sight of these confectioneries make you salivate and biting into it elevates the experience. Even a non-vegan would enjoy it! 


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6. The Pastry Journal

Salted Caramel tart, Coffee Hazelnut cake, Lotus Biscoff cakes, an assortment of macarons–okay, we think we’ll stop for now ’cause the mere sound of these desserts makes us want to abandon work and indulge. The Pastry Journal features an array of options that will satisfy those sweet cravings. But if we had to choose, we would definitely opt for any of the decadent chocolate creations!

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