Personalised Jewellery Is Having A Moment. Here Are Some Brands That Are Doing It Right!

Personalised Jewellery FI

There are some people who like their jewellery to be subtle and the kind that offers a peek into their personality. Then there are people like me who want their jewellery to be bold and the kind that shouts from the rooftops about who we are and what we stand for. So obviously, jewellery that everyone is wearing simply doesn’t cut it. Say hello to personalised jewellery. Sure, it’s been around for a while, you could get your name written out in gold, but it’s changing now so it’s not just a neck piece that has your name, personalised jewellery now includes charms, rings and a bunch of other things. Check out the brands that are doing some fun jewellery that’s like an extension of who you are.


Personalised Jewellery Giva

The brand gives your personalised jewellery in the form of necklaces, sure but what caught my eye were the rings where you can get your name written out. You also get to choose if you want your ring in 18K Gold, 18K Rose Gold and silver. Adds to cart!



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If you want your jewellery choices to say something about you but don’t want it to be an obvious, in-your-face kind of personalisation, turn to Shaya. They have necklaces where you can express your love for plants (a watering can in a necklace!) for elephants or even a citrus fruit like a pineapple. We love!


There’s something super cute about personalised jewellery that just works as a gift. If you want to make someone special but are not sure how to go about this, this bracelet where you can write out a name or a message works like, well, a charm. You can also adjust the bracelet which is great for when you don’t know someone’s size or want to use it for yourself but want some flexibility.



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Sure infinity bands are all the rage but maybe your personalised jewellery collection could use some spunk. You can personalise this infinity bracelet with the initials of a love one. Or maybe your own. ThisĀ  one is cute, interesting and just the kind of thing you need to stand out in a crowd.



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If you like your personalised jewellery with a little bling, Prerto has just the thing. The bracelet comes with plenty of shiny sparkly add on and a riot of colours. We love this showcase of fun jewellery, we shall call this arm candy.

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