In Conversation With Rahul Mishra About His Collection ‘Aura,’ Showcased At Paris Haute Couture Week

Rahul Mishra

Rahul Mishra’s collection ‘Aura,’ which was showcased at Paris Haute Couture Week makes an effort to understand the many attributes of energy and delves into the essence of one’s aura – the vibrations that link us to the rest of the cosmos. It’s not the first time he’s executed a concept so novel, so tastefully.

Averse to pandering to the herd, the Kanpur-born couturier represents the new wave of Indian fashion, and what better platform than Haute Couture Week in the French capital to parade his unprecedented prowess? Drawing heavily from Hindu mythology, the surrealist lineup retains his original aesthetic whilst carving a new niche.

“There are a lot of requests from international celebrities right now already,” he gushes upon being asked about the next big celebrity he wants to see his newest creations on. We’re patiently waiting. Rahul Mishra also intends to go on a well-deserved break and connect with his daughter Aarna before resuming his duties, as he gears up for India Couture Week at the end of July. Keep reading for the full interview.

ELLE: Could you please take us through the collection name and what it means to you personally?

Rahul Mishra: Personally, I’ve been thinking about this idea for a long time – about creating something which is intangible, something that’s invisible. How do you give it a tangible form in the form of collection, so that people start connecting to it? I will say, I found a lot of inspiration in the spiritual side as well as looking at mythology. They say Lord Brahma created the universe and the universe is nothing but a reflection of his aura. That’s why it’s called Brahmand. And then when he sleeps his aura grows and that’s why the universe expanded.

So there are a lot of parallels between science and mythology here. I interpreted it in that way and it makes a very compelling story. There’s also Gita’s second chapter where the whole idea is how in every jeev (organism) the body, mind and soul combine to create a personality – an aura. The soul doesn’t die, so that’s the reason why everything lives on, even people who’ve gone by.

ELLE: Black as a colour seems very integral to all of your collections. What’s the significance of the colour black for you?

Rahul Mishra: So for me, black is an absolute thing in itself. Dark matter or dark energy constitutes eighty-five percent of the universe. So black denotes not only the absence of something but also the abundance of something. Nobody truly knows it. Black is nothing and black is everything. Black is infinity. Black is mystery. Black is death.

ELLE: What was the number of looks in your collection and what was the process of choreographing the show like?

Rahul Mishra: So the looks are around fifty. Along with that, there were some things created just as an idea just for the show, to help with the storytelling. The first girl walks like a queen with an aura, and her name also happens to be Queen, funnily. The idea was to create a procession. We also showcased in a church.

Rahul Mishra

ELLE: What was working with Janhvi like?

Rahul Mishra: I was very happy when I got to know that she could take a trip to Paris and come for this. She is a wonderful person with a great personality and she also loves fashion. Our films are one of our strongest cultural ambassadors to the world. In Paris, it wasn’t just about the showstoppers but about being inclusive, being together, and showcasing the best of India.

The show showcases a new side of India which is ultra fashion, ultra young and new age and that’s what Janhvi represents so well. She’s fierce, young, extremely confident. That is what gives the aura to the whole collection. Her being there added multiple dimensions to the whole collection.

ELLE: Do you think there are any similarities between Indian and French fashion?

Rahul Mishra: I think the biggest thing is our value for the craft, value for the techniques. France fiercely embraces innovation and newness. And often newness happens at a very grassroots level in craft. So in that sense, France and India are still connected in whatever is created.

ELLE: A Hollywood star you’d like to see in your aura couture collection?

Rahul Mishra: There are a lot of requests right now already, so I’m not going to name anything. Let’s wait.

ELLE: What’s next on the cards for you?

Rahul Mishra: There are many assignments which are going on in parallel right now India Couture Week in July, in Delhi. We have to be back in Paris in September. So back to back, we are running on a treadmill right now. But I am taking a break now, with Divya and my daughter Aarna. We are off to Switzerland soon and I intend to dedicate my full time to Aarna. f I can play with her, give her more time, go off with her on unknown roads, that’s how I’ll recharge.

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