Redensyl Is The Magic Potion For Hair Loss And Here’s Why You Must Try It


I asked 10 people I know about the most recurring hair concern they struggled with and seven of them said they’re fed up with incessant hair fall. The causes of hair fall are manyfrom genetic issues to unhealthy eating habits along with stressful situations and adverse reactions to hair care products, all of these contribute to hair loss in one way or another. Apart from including superfoods like spinach, eggs and berries in your diet, there’s one ingredient that needs to be a part of your regime and that’s redensyl.

Redensyl is a newly-discovered ingredient that deserves all the attention. This contains a molecule called dihydroquercetin-glucoside or DHQG, which is procured from plant extracts. What sets this ingredient apart is that it vigorously focuses on the stem cells present in hair follicles and boosts their multiplication, thus aiding in hair regrowth. Redensyl also works effectively to improve the health of weak and brittle hair by infusing amino acids and other necessary proteins. Owing to the presence of completely pure plant extracts, there are zero to no side effects of using redensyl.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a redensyl serum to battle hair loss, look no further!

Pilgrim Redesnyl & Anagain Advanced Hair Growth Serum

Infused with the goodness of redensyl, green tea and anagain, Pilgrim’s Redensyl & Anagain Advanced Hair Growth Serum packs a punch. Redensyl works its magic on hair growth while anagain makes the hair thicker along with stimulating its growth. Green tea is known for its strengthening powers, so it strives to reduce hair fall.

Earth Rhythm 2% Reactivating Phyto Peptide Scalp Complex


Earth Rhythm’s Reactivating Phyto Peptide Scalp Complex is a pre-shampoo treatment enriched with redensyl and pea peptides. This serum reactivates and boosts hair growth. Pea peptides are a unique ingredient that targets hair thinning and increases its volume with consistent usage. Another way to use this product is to add a few pumps of it to your existing shampoo or conditioner to improve its efficacy.

Neemli Naturals Redensyl and Biotin Hair Growth Concentrate


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A potent plant-based formula that activates follicular regeneration in order to revive hair growth, Neemli Naturals’ Redensyl and Biotin Hair Growth Concentrate contains all the right actives. The combination of redesnyl and Biotin is one that will help you bid adieu to all of your hair woes.

MCaffeine Coffee Scalp Tonic

While a cup of coffee is every bit stimulating for your soul, it’s just as stimulating for the hair too! MCaffeine’s Coffee Scalp Tonic blends the power of coffee, redensyl and proteins. Coffee works to energise the scalp and maintain its health while redensyl and proteins improve hair growth along with ensuring it’s thicker too.

BeBodywise Hair Growth Serum


A power-packed hair serum that contains multiple actives which are specifically meant to improve the condition of weak and dull hair. Baicapil improves the texture of your hair, reducing the frizz while saw palmetto and procapil block enzymes that shrink hair follicles. If hair thinning is an incessant concern for you, regular usage will boost the density of your hair thereby making it look voluminous.

Alps Goodness Anti Hairfall Scalp Serum


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Fenugreek, redensyl and biotin are the hero ingredients of the Alps Goodness Anti Hairfall Serum. Fenugreek is a rich source of iron, which improves oxygen circulation to the scalp thus working extremely well for slow hair growth. Biotin and redensyl together enhance cell division and keratin production which makes sure that your hair fall is reduced and your hair looks shiny.

Nourish Mantra Advanced Hair Growth Serum

A mixture of natural ingredients and strong actives, the Nourish Mantra Advanced Hair Growth Serum contains redensyl, procapil along with rice water and kiwi. Its non-greasy formula penetrates deep into your scalp targeting bald spots and thinning hair. Rice water battles frizz and smoothens the strands while redensyl and procapil focus on hair growth.

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