Unpopular Opinion: I Am In A Regular 9 To 5 Job And I’m Happy


Which one would you rather be? A ‘corporate slave’ or ‘your own boss’? If you picked ‘your own boss’ and think life in a 9 to 5 job is downright dull then this story is for you.

Most of us at the dusk of a Sunday have  myriad thoughts of pending emails and early morning team calls. The other half, sleeps in on a Monday and works through the night. Instagram feeds reek of relatable memes of how the only people who are successful are the ones who wake up at 5 AM while the world is asleep. Others get more creative with the visuals. Once, I saw a cat describe my moods through each day of the week better than I could and obviously the Saturday mood topped it all.

9 to 5

The anti 9 to 5 culture has led us to believe that everyone in a 9 to 5 dynamic leads sad lives—they force their way out of the bed and drag themselves, only to repay outstanding educational debts. But Tanu Sinha, Design Director at PepsiCo India, enjoys her 9 to 5 job. She loves that she derives job satisfaction from the fact that her team’s work makes an impact by generating more brand love and value for their business. While she counts “redundancy, boredom and lack of interest” as a bit of a downer, she files “satisfaction” under a win. “Routine jobs can lock us into certain patterns of thinking and acting, while the world around us changes. Hence, one constantly needs to find ways to rejuvenate their mind and body,” she observes. And that, I believe, stands true to any job in the world regardless of its nature.

9 to 5
Tanu Sinha, Design Director at PepsiCo India

Are You Sure You’re Not Defending A Mundane Life?

No, but I’m glad you asked. 

The pandemic has created an immediate and long-term disruption in employment, affecting all sections of the society. In such dire situations, the immense relief and security of knowing where your next paycheck comes from is almost unparalleled. A 9 to 5 job is not the killer pitbull you thought it is; it’s more like a friendly neighbourhood dog. In fact, pitbulls are great with children. 

After 3 stellar years, Zainab Patel recently stepped down as the Director of Inclusion and Diversity at KPMG India, where she embraced the opportunity to create an impact on the lives of many. “My work is awesome and crucial as it brings together some very talented, dedicated people in IDE leadership roles across the spectrum,” she says. “Through my work, we proactively embrace and encourage different perspectives. This collaboration with each other and acceptance of different points of view creates a melting pot of ideas that spurs innovation–this is the crux of our and my reputation and achievements.” And here you thought, it’s only about spending eight sad hours with your laptop.

9 to 5
Zainab Patel, Former Director of Inclusion & Diversity at KPMG India

So, How To Win At This Game?

The power of acceptance comes to our rescue. Acceptance drives growth. It’s a choice—a powerful one but a choice nonetheless. It enables you to think beyond the hurdles and look at the larger picture.

As we evolve and undergo the process of unconditioning, and come to accept that a routine job might not be for everyone, there are millions who seek solace in it. Who thrive in the conditions set for their growth. This contrasts with the usual portrayal of office-goers glued to their phones, hating their jobs. As Arthur Rubenstein rightly said “Of course there is no formula for success except, perhaps, an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings.”

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- Bookings Editor


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