To The Finish Line: A Review Of The Nike Pegasus 40 On Its 40th Anniversary


When it comes to shoes, Nike has been undoubtedly winning at the game. For most of us, the first pair of ‘sports shoes’ we owned were probably from Nike, even if that meant owning a rundown pair from your older sibling. Sure the average jane loves her pair given their status, but celebrated athletes and sportspersons are known to rely on Nike for all of their gear. From product innovations to staying updated with the latest trends and honouring its legacy by consistently revamping its classic shoes—Nike is doing it all. When we speak of their legacy, one of the significant things that pops up is the iconic Pegasus shoe which has stood the test of time.


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Easily one of Nike’s most loved shoes, The Pegasus was launched in 1983 and continues to reign supreme. Not limited to a single sport, Pegasus’ cult following cuts across because the professional sports stars and athletes love it, but regular runners and activity enthusiasts also favour it. When it comes to running shoes, it’s certainly the golden shoe for Nike. Over the years, Pegasus has transformed the running game for all kinds of runners, seasoned and amateur. With an unwavering simplicity, this shoe is an all-rounder that has embodied every runner who chooses it. On its 40th anniversary, the runners of Team ELLE got the opportunity to test its newest variant—the Pegasus 40.

The verdict is finally out after vigorously using these shoes for a couple of weeks. Three runners with different running capacities put these to the test, and here’s what they had to say.

Peter Rodriguez

Level: Advanced


When it came to shoes from Nike, I always equated them with luxury. Running has always been so therapeutic for me, it has always been something that has instantly made me feel better. As someone who has been running for marathons for a while now, the secret to enjoying them is not minding the pain. The shoes I’ve been using for a while have always caused me heel pain, which can hamper my progress in whichever marathon I’m running. This heel pain would intensify with the increase in mileage often.

The Nike shoes I’m using currently have a very comfortable fit. It’s lightweight, has a great cushioning support and is extremely breathable. The heel pain I experienced was relieved when I started using this shoe and increased the intensity of my runs. The outsole is slowly proving to give me better mileage.

Sakshi Rawte

Level: Intermediate

The first pair of running shoes I owned was a battered pair of Pegasus 2005. Back when I was in school, I began running because I needed to instil a sense of discipline into my life. Ever since then, running has been an activity that has brought order and discipline into a seemingly chaotic life. For a better part of my running journey, I’ve mostly only ever used Nike shoes, whether that’s the Pegasus 2005 or the Vaporfly.

I thought I found a favourite in the Vaporfly, because it’s extremely lightweight and a great boon on high-mileage runs, however, its rearfoot stability wasn’t comfortable. The Pegasus 40 changed that for me. It has stability like no other running shoe I’ve used before, so even when I’m taking longer steps to run, I don’t end up losing my balance.

Mansi Shah

Level: Beginner

There’s nothing quite like a Nike shoe when you’re running. I’m taking back to running after a while now but as I get older, I am acutely aware of getting supportive footwear. Of course, I don’t want a frumpy pair so the aesthetic is also important. This shoe proved to be all of this and more. When I first put this pair on, like all shoes, it takes some getting used to. But from the get-go, I knew I would like it. The arch and heel support in this pair is quite incredible. I recently did a small foot analysis and my arch is relatively low so the shoe did a wonderful job of giving it support. And when you’re pounding the unforgiving roads of a city, you also need footwear that will work like suspension for your knee, calf and shin. Again, this shoe shone in its ability to do that. Overall, I’m impressed but I would say break into it and don’t expect your first run to be absolute perfection. But when the shoe and foot take to each other, it’s like running on a cloud.

- Beauty Writer


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