Sara Ali Khan’s Vibrant Styling Will Convince You To Ditch Your Trusty Blacks

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan is undoubtedly a firecracker. Personality wise, performance wise & my favourite – styling wise. Ah yes, and Instagram caption wise (will cover that in another story). She doesn’t shy away from a little experimentation. Her sartorial persona could be summed up as a balanced concoction of ‘it’s giving glam’ but also ‘it’s giving relatable.’

With her vibrant fits emitting every hue, tint or shade there possibly is, it gently nudges me to reevaluate my own fashion choices. Maybe colourful dressing is not all that bad. Black is irrefutably supreme, but switching things up a little wouldn’t hurt, right?

So, is Sara Ali Khan the Indian poster girl of dopamine dressing? We think yes and here’s why.


Greta Gerwig, you still have the time to reconsider the casting for Barbie. Sara Ali Khan would do a neat job, this lehenga makes sure of it. An offering from the ever-iconic Manish Malhotra label, the OTT set manages to captivate without screaming in your face. The slight iridescent play on the panels of the skirt lends ample shimmer & so you needn’t suffocate with heaps of jewellery.

Mixing Palettes

While soaking in the clear waters of Bosphorus in Istanbul, Sara Ali Khan donned a tie & dyed bikini set with a halter tie-up. We as women & especially Indians refrain from wearing colourful swimsuits just so we don’t stand out (if at all we take the leap of wearing it). May this serve as an inspiration for us all when we get a chance to avail all our pending CLs.

Hiker Chic

Gym-core? Tourist-core? Cardio-is-life-core? I don’t know how to categorize it but the holographic bomber and the purple spandex tights are sure motivating me to complete my daily step count.

Pink Panther But Make It Desi

Styled by celebrity stylist Ami Patel, Sara looks flawless here. Reminiscent of the painted designs we see at the back of trucks, this sari is full of character with all the teeny-tiny details consisting of flowers, wheels & birds. And the humble additions of the bindi & solid hued bangles in yellow & pink add personality to the ensemble altogether.

Maldives Affair

It may look like a clash of patchwork pieces stitched together, but it’s actually a print hodgepodge in this resort-wear inspired co ord set. Bare-faced and bare-feet, ready to conquer the waves. If you, unlike Sara Ali Khan, wish to pair some footwear with an outfit like this, we suggest opting for gladiator sandals as they would work well with the side-slit room.

Colorblocked Ca$h

With neon, blue, white, lilac & candy pink panels, this swimsuit looks as flirty as it looks comfortable. High-waisted bikini bottoms are severely underrated as opposed to their denim counterparts that have us wincing at the sight of a below-navel waistline.

Victorian 2.0

We have Sara Ali Khan serving elegance and glam in this Manish Malhotra sari. The sequin play on the sheer fabric coupled with the ruffle strip at the high neckline lends an old-world charm especially with the shiny eyelids and circular studs.

Maximalism At Its Finest

It looks like a hoodie and a flared pant set, Sara Ali Khan is probably the only Bollywood celeb who could pull this off with such ease. And I mean it – look at the 100 odd patterns, all clashing but surprisingly not too harsh on the eyes. Even though my wardrobe is exactly the same as Ibrahim Ali Khan in this picture, her vibrant set sure does convince me to give coluors other than black, a try.

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- Digital Fashion Writer


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