Selena Gomez’s Complete On-screen Style Evolution: From Quirky Disney Teenager To True Crime Enthusiast


’90s millennials have practically grown up with Selena Gomez. I remember, watching her play Alex Russo, the rebel magician on The Wizards Of Waverly Place in the late ’00s—after which, I practically dressed up in skinny jeans, boots, doc-tags and broad belts in middle school to copy her. Nothing much has changed today, now she plays the inquisitive and comically dark Mabel Mora on the show Only murders In The Building and I still want to steal every autumnal piece from her closet—yes, including blood-splattered cream swear from the season 1 finale.

Over the years, Selena has starred in many substantial acting projects and with each role, her style has evolved. Recently, the actor herself called her latest character (Mabel) the grown-up version of her first major beloved role (Alex)—a full circle indeed! Here’s a look at the Back To You singer’s sartorial journey from Disney to dreamy on celluloid.

1. Alex Russo (The Wizards Of Waverly Place)


Skirts over jeans, high-top converse, floral beaded necklaces and stretchy long tops were what Alex Russo’s wardrobe was made of. As the middle child between the 3 magician siblings in the popular Disney show—Alex was spunky, fun and spontaneous, as was her style. There was no method to her madness, including the way she put her looks together.

2. Cordelia Winthrop Scott (Monte Carlo)


You’re not really a Disney kid if you’ve not played a double role where one character is miss goody-to-shoes and the other is the troublemaker. Playing the popular trope, Selena starred in Monte Carlo as the evil princess Cordelia Wintrop Scott and the touristy nerd Grace. As the Royal Highness, Selena dressed in ballroom gowns and delectable jewels with clean parted buns. To play Grace, who is an American visiting Paris on a budget—Selena mostly keeps it simple in tanks and shirt layering with a single pair of cowboy boots and a side satchel.

3. Faith (Spring Breakers)


In 2012, Selena finally broke out of her Disney mould when she starred in ‘The Spring Breakers’ alongside Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Corine. Four college students head to Florida on Spring Break and get into as much trouble as possible—of course, throughout the film, the cast, including Selena is dressed in neon bikinis, swim trunks, hot shorts and a pair of kicks, even when they get arrested. Bidding her girl next door image adieu, Selena showcased a whole new bold avatar in this film.

4. Dot (The Fundamentals Of Caring)


Coming into her own as an actor, Selena in the ’10s picked projects that focused on her versatility—and her wardrobe switch, helped the audience understand the transition. In ‘The Fundamentals Of Caring’ opposite Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts, Selena plays Dot, a cool and cheeky hitchhiker who dresses like a rebel. Fuzzy sweater, leather jacket, low-rise jeans and some seriously kohl-rimmed eyes. She’s sexy yet street smart, funny yet mysterious—the makers have interestingly used her style to further convince the viewers about the personality of this character.

5. Mabel (Only Murders In The Building)


Mabel Mora in Only Murders In The Building may just be Selena Gomez’s most cherished performance yet—but more importantly, the show has launched a separate fan base for her on-screen style. Of course, Selena was loved for her off-duty style as a pop star, but her OMITB wardrobe is giving us true crime but make it chic energy. Costume designer Covarrubias had a difficult task to shed the music icon image that came in with Selena and portray her as a regular pedestrian alongside legendary actors Steve Martin and Martin Short. Sans the drama, Mabel is seen in solid colours, tone-on-tone pairings, and simple layering with minimal or no accessories—think maple syrup hued sweaters, plaid short skirts, mustard jackets and the classic black trench. Her entire closet is functional enough to solve a crime while also elegant enough to look like she’s a resident of The Arconia on the Upper West Side.

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