Sex And The City Star Kristin Davis Discusses The Importance Of Female Friendships

Sex and the city

If there’s one women-centric show that has stood the test of time (albeit not sure it has aged well), it’s Sex And The City. The iconic series holds a special spot in so many women’s lives. While the show is based on four women navigating their dating and sex lives, it also touched upon so many other topics. NGL, I couldn’t relate much to their lavish lifestyle where it was easy to own a pair of Manolo Blahniks or afford a Vivian Westwood wedding gown. But it did create that sense of aspiration. And there was always something to look forward to when it came to each character’s personal sense of style.

Sex And The City

Underneath all the lavish lifestyle and relationship drama was something I could actually relate to–the female friendships formed among Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. It is one of the first shows to have explored this subject, and one with a realistic portrayal of a female bond that didn’t hinge the show on women being nasty and/or gossip mongers. Unafraid to get messy, the SATC characters had fights, gave each other reality checks, went days without talking to each other. But of course, when they made up, their friendship only grew stronger. Similar to what happens with my best friends.

Sex and the city

Fast forward to the SATC reboot, And Just Like That, the show might not have Samantha in the equation but it still shows Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte in a closely knit threesome, where they’re seen laughing together in one moment, arguing in the next and then resolving it like mature adults (we could all learn from this). And that’s something that will always strike a chord with the audience. Ahead of the release of the AJLT Season 2, Kristin Davis (who plays the role of Charlotte) talks about the importance of female friendships in her life.

Sex and the city

“Female friendships are hugely important over time because you get to see what everyone goes through in different ways. You might have friends who are struggling with very different things than you are but you still learn from them. I also think you rely on your female friends in different ways. I’m a single mother so I rely on my female friends so much. And in terms of the SATC cast that I’ve known for 25 years now, just having that history and being able to share it and go through this incredible career together, seeing them raise families and going through different relationship changes–it’s unlike anything else. For me, it’s everything and it’s because I don’t have a significant other and certainly one that hasn’t lasted long and that might be true for a lot of people where your girlfriends last a long time, so you have a very rich history and understanding of them. It’s so priceless,” she shares.

I can’t help but agree. You can go through ups and downs in your love life, but your best friends will always stick by you, come what may!

And Just Like That Season 2 drops today on Jio Cinema.

- Lifestyle Editor


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