While Vibrators And Props Are Exciting, Are We Taking Sexual Wellness Too Far?

Sexual wellness

Like most adults today, my first interaction with sex was crappy porn and problematic comic books, IYKYK. Slowly, I discovered erotic novels and online forums where I learnt so much about sex. One would presume that the country of Kamasutra would offer people healthy ways to become aware of sex, instead, all we got was hush-hush conversations behind closed doors and no sexual education in educational institutes. However, I’d like to think that we’ve come a long way from being a society that considers sexual wellness taboo. But, there’s an equally rocky road to tread ahead of us.

I vividly remember, when I was a young teenager trying to look for sex toys, vibrators in particular—I could barely find anything in the country at all. All the toys I came across were either too expensive for a teenager to splurge on or looked terrible, and don’t even get me started about the quality. Fast forward to now, shopping for sex toys is like shopping for any other item. With multiple options that promise to perform a variety of functions such as thrusting and suction, you’re going to find a sex toy of your preference. However, sexual wellness doesn’t just encompass having fun with toys and props. Wellness in our sexual life also includes emotional and physical health.

Understanding sexual wellbeing


I’m someone who hasn’t ever shied away from sparking conversations around all things related to sexual wellbeing, whether that’s about masturbation or partnered sex. Yes, I am the Samantha Jones of every group. Initially, my female friends would always hesitate to have conversations around orgasms or BDSM. Now, they come up to me and ask me what a blended orgasm is. That is what I call growth! This has to be credited to various elements that have ensured that sexual wellness in the country is treated like any other aspect of wellness.

Individuals like Leeza Mangaldas, Seema Anand and Dr Tanaya Narendra and their sex-positive content is educational for most of us, I mean I learnt so much about intimacy, vaccines and everything else from these women. Like them, so many sexual educators and doctors have been helping us unlearn the taboos and shame we hold towards not just sexual wellness but sex too.

Hand-in-hand with this have been the concerted efforts of the sexual wellness industry to provide consumers with all the tools they require for prioritising their pleasure. According to a report by Allied Market Research, the size of the Indian sexual wellness market was valued at $1153.5 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $2095.4 million by 2030. The only reason this industry is set to boom so much is because people are beginning to treat sexual wellness as an integral part of their lives and not just leave it as an afterthought. They’re keen to explore more elements of sexual wellness and with the availability of a large number of sexual wellness products, it’s only set to increase.

But are we taking it too far?


Everyone may come at me for this (so-called?) “unpopular” opinion, but we may be going a little overboard with sexual wellness. No, I don’t mean that we should stop talking about our kinks and nipple clamps entirely. While people are becoming increasingly aware of all that sexual wellness encompasses, there’s also a dark cloud that looms over these aspects. I’m talking about sexual supplements that promise to enhance your performance in the bedroom, body gels and sprays which delay climax and body washes for your intimate areas.

These supplements and items often promise you temporary gratification, but because of zero to no research backing their claims, they can prove to be extremely harmful to your body in the long run. Often these items contain ingredients that aren’t regulated and can cause adverse reactions to your body. It may seem like a thrilling idea to have sex for hours and prolong your orgasm for longer than usual, but this can also be achieved by trying newer positions and techniques in the bedroom. One doesn’t have to ingest unreliable supplements in the quest for a great orgasm! Just communicate with your partner and spice things up in the bedroom.

- Beauty Writer


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