Modern Silver Jewellery Brands That Can Be Worn To Work And To Play

Silver Jewellery FI

Think silver jewellery and you probably think of videos of jhumkas gently swaying while a popular song plays along waxing eloquent about the beauty of a woman’s…well…ear. Or her eyes. But we digress. Point is, in India, silver jewellery is hardly seen as versatile, largely limited to those days we decide to wear a kurti and fully embrace our inner desi girl. It’s more flashy counterpart -gold- is seen as something that offers more value – whether when it’s sitting in your locker before the next wedding comes along or even as an investment. Gold often also translates easily to delicate pieces that can be worn to work or to a brunch without being ostentatious. So I decided to turn the spotlight on to silver jewellery- the equally glorious metal and I give you options to wear it well, every day.

Silver Jewellery Brands For Every Day Use


I absolutely love how the brand plays around with the structure of silver. Infusing mirror work, colours and ditching the regular, Pehr is a great addition to your silver jewellery collection. All of their pieces are multi-tasking mavericks, so you can throw them on when you’re sashaying into brunch or dressing up for the big presentation at work. The honeycomb collection with its playful settings has particularly caught our eye.

House Of Aadya

The kind that reaches for the newspaper so you can quickly peruse through the horoscope section? This zodiac collection from the House Of Aadyaa will totally speak to you. The collection has zodiac pendants and rings, the signs carefully carved out. Each of these can be worn at work, given that they are subtle and of course, to parties where you might be hoping to run into your soul mate based on your sun sign.


Some of us wear our heart on our sleeves, some of us wear our passions on our neck or on our ears. Giva has a collection that subtle enough to wear to an important presentation but also designed so that you can still pass your personal vibe check. If you’re the kind that is often called the night owl by friends and family (burner of midnight oil, are we?) then this Silver Wanderers of The Night Necklace featuring an owl should quickly become your favourite piece of silver jewellery.



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If your mom is the kind to point out that your neck is empty ever so often, and you simply can’t be bothered with a minimalist neck piece because that’s too basic, head over to Shaya. Kudos to them for adding plenty of colour and drama to silver jewellery because we need it, we want it. The pieces from Shaya are just the right amount of statement. The piece have structure and are playful and will go easily from work wear to wedding wear.  This piece with the pearls is on my wishlist for sure.

By Benaazir


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When it comes to nosepins, By Benaazir has been my go to. The brand has stunning statement nose pins for pierced and the staid un-pierced nose populace (you know who you are, get that piercing already) as well. Sure the nose rings and all are great, but the nose pins here feature interesting shapes and textures you will be pressed to find anywhere else. The paisley one featured here has been languishing in my cart for a while and now I am just going to buy it. Ah well, going to file this under occupational hazard.

By the way, if you’re looking to buy an emerald-hued bag, may I suggest adding this to your reading list?

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