Six Independent Home Décor Labels For Your Next Home Makeover


Whether you have a penchant for minimalism or like to go all out with baubles and accents, the sky is the limit when it comes to redecorating your space. From edgy, geometrical centre table pieces to decorative trays that don’t spell cliché, trust this edit of homegrown home décor labels to help you bring your aesthetic to life.

1. TerraVida Goa

Love ceramic? Look no further than the Goa-based home décor studio, Terra Vida. A contemporary interpretation of rustic Portuguese elements comes to life in each piece as local artisans set stories in stone. Take your pick from understated teapots, stunning flower vases, decorative trays, crockery and more.

What We Love: TerraVida’s studio is home to 12 skilled, local artisans from around Goa. They together create pieces for your abode, which are hand-made and limited-edition.


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2. Cyahi

Finding the right piece to add some character to a plain, solid-coloured wall can seem daunting. You can turn to Cyahi for help. The label has a lot to offer, from floral prints that exude major spring vibes to an abstract take on wall hangings.

What We Love: This home décor brand is entirely sustainable. Also, it tries to work with partners who ensure ethical workplaces.


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3. Mason Home

If minimal, gold-gilded furniture is your vibe, then here’s your cue. Mason Home was established back in 1974 and delivers pan India. The best part about the brand? Each creation delivers sophistication at its best which can amp up every nook of your home instantly.

What We Love: The wide variety of product offerings! From bedspreads, planters, candle and cutlery holders, trays and baskets, tableware to bathroom décor, consider this brand as your ultimate destination to spruce up your space.

4. Opaque Studio

As the long-forgotten cane gradually makes a comeback, here’s a label to pick the right fit from. Trust Opaque Studio for colourful, cane cabinets and storage areas to fill up the negative space. Also, expect the right mix of colour play, functionality and practicality.

What We Love: The quintessential amalgamation of traditional, Indian handicrafts with contemporary, modish features.

5. Suite Number Eight

If you harbour an inclination towards crockery that’s equal part useful and makes for a beautiful showpiece, then count on Suite Number Eight. The tableware is unconventional and filled with whimsical patterns which will charm, soothe and delight your soul.

What We Love: Each piece is individually kneaded, shaped, moulded, engraved, gilded and painted by the finest artisans in India, with the highest quality materials.

6. Objectory

Drifting away from conventional décor pieces, Objectory helms pieces that are off-beat and profoundly geometric. The product and furniture design studio based in New Delhi is a paradise in disguise for every abstract art lover.

What We Love: Just four words. The brand’s creative vision!


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