Sonam Kapoor Ahuja Is Now Associated With Kerastase And She Talks About Hair Care and Changes Post Motherhood

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I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the beauty industry and besides my knowledge and experience, the length of my hair also convinces people that this is the right role for me. The reason I put this in context is to establish the fact that I take hair products and experientials seriously, it’s an emotional deal for me. I choose my hair products with utmost diligence. Kérastase, for one, has been a constant on my shelf. From its Bain Riche Chroma Respect colour protectant range to L’Huile Originale Serum, I have my favourites.

So, it’s interesting to see Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, the actor and fashion icon, start an association with Kérastase. The actor, who chooses her brand associations wisely says, “Kérastase is a brand that I have been using and recommending for many years. Everything about this collaboration feels natural and authentic.” As the actor joins the brand, we spoke to her about her association with the brand and the changes she experienced after becoming a mother. 

ELLE: When you associate with a brand, what is the most crucial part that you consider in order to accept it?

Sonam Kapoor-Ahuja (SKA): What’s most important for me is to resonate with the brands that I associate with. What a brand stands for really matters to me. To give you an example – with luxury haircare brand Kérastase – I feel strongly about the brand as they not only stand for innovative luxurious hair products but also for the message they deliver to women: dare to be who you want, because you have the potential. That’s a philosophy that truly strikes a chord with me.

ELLE: When it comes to celebrity associations, there are apprehensions among the audience about whether or not celebrities use these products themselves. What do you have to say about it?

SKA: Speaking for myself, I’m more comfortable associating with brands that I’ve personally used. It just helps me deliver with more conviction.

ELLE: How has your self-care routine changed with motherhood?

SKA: Being a mother is extremely rewarding but it can also get exhausting. When you’re travelling, working, and trying to play multiple roles at the same time it’s so important to make sure that you invest in the right kind of care. I’ve always been a firm believer in self-care. So, I try and take out whatever time I possibly can, to ensure that I take good care of myself. One thing I never compromise on is the quality of the products that I use. 

ELLE: Did your hair health change postpartum? If yes, how did you manage it?

SKA: Postpartum hair fall is real. Nobody warns you about how much hair you lose as a new mom. I am so glad to have always been a user of Kérastase. Their Genesis Anti-hairfall range helped me sail through my postpartum journey. The Genesis Anti-Chute Fortifiant Serum is a lifesaver, I use it as a part of my daily hair care routine, and it has really helped me fight hair fall. If you are one to be experiencing early signs of hair fall, do give it a try!

ELLE: What are your favourite Kérastase products?

SKA: This is a tough one but if I had to pick a few, it would have to be their Genesis Anti-Fall range and the versatile Elixir Ultime Serum. The Genesis range helps me keep hair fall at bay and adds strength to my hair. The Elixir Ultime is a hair serum that I use literally every other day. It makes my hair feel more nourished and gives it this subtle shine. No matter where I am in the world, these products travel with me! 

ELLE: Are there any hair care rituals that you and your family also follow?

SKA: My entire family loves to invest in self-care. We have been blessed with naturally beautiful hair; our genes deserve some credit. But travel, long hours of shoot, heat styling – all of this takes a toll on the health of hair and scalp. And therefore, apart from using the right kind of products for haircare, we also do oil massages.

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