The St. Regis Goa Resort Gets The Vibe Right And Combines It With Opulent Luxury


For me, Goa has always felt like a home away from home. That probably explains why I’m always looking for a reason to get away to a picturesque property there. And while some properties have had swaying palm trees and others cerulean swimming pools, I hardly take the time to appreciate these. My days are usually filled with bustling activities that obviously include a variety of parties, night markets and concerts. So, relaxation was never really on the itinerary. But this time around, I did things a little differently with the St. Regis Goa Resort.

Tucked away in Cavelossim, this sprawling resort is the epitome of luxury blended with the spirit of Goa. The St. Regis Goa Resort nestles amidst 49 acres of impeccably landscaped gardens, right beside the secluded Mobor Beach. For someone who’s always been around the noisiest parts of Goa, this location was a refreshing switch I didn’t know I needed. I switched into zen mode as soon as I landed at 7am, and my chauffeur from St. Regis picked me up. What I expected to be a tiring drive to the resort turned into stories of old Goa, with plenty of history and lush greenery.

And thus began a weekend where I finally hit the pause button on the movie that is my life.

Cosy Respite

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Right after receiving the warmest welcome from the St. Regis Goa Resort team, I was escorted to my gorgeous room. With contemporary architecture and high ceilings, the rooms at this resort are equal parts opulent and relaxing. Overlooking a beautiful pond brimming with water lilies that bloom in the wake of the sun, every room here promises you a view like no other. I spent most of my time gazing at the pond and pretending I was in a movie, faced with a tough romantic decision.

Picturesque Dining

Marriott International Hotel

How often do you get to experience scrumptious meals while staring at verdant greenery and stunning views? On the day of my arrival, I had the chance to experience a lunch that was exquisite. Serenity Island is a lovely spot across the pond that’s surrounded by the greenest trees and often visited by chirping birds. An adorable picnic lunch was set up with the best sparkling wine and cheese platter. Afternoon chatters with the hotel staff about all the local birds were a cherry on top. The Riverside is an open terrace which overlooks the calming Sal River and it offers delectable Italian meals with a dash of seafood, both of which are perfectly paired with some ageing wine. Every meal came with a splendid view, and that was the highlight of my stay.

Bar Me Surprised

What’s a trip to Goa without some good ol’ alcohol? The Drawing Room is a timeless bar that captures the traditions and vibrancy of Goa and translates it into unforgettable cocktails. A mixology session with Pradyumna Shanker, Chief Mixologist at St. Regis Goa Resort was equal parts fun and insightful. The excitement of the gin-lover in me knew no bounds as he taught me how to make the most lip-smacking gin cocktails. Feni has always been a favourite, but let’s be real, that strong taste hits you like a truck, doesn’t it? Pradyumna showed me a secret way to enjoy Feni ( Hint: It involves some lime and salt! ), something I’m going to carry back with me!

It’s Time To Get Beachy

My favourite part about all of my Goa trips has always been the beach shacks that are all about the vibes. Susegado has made it to the top of the beach shacks list with its mouth-watering Pan-Asian cuisine and its serene environment. Located on the white-shored sands of the soothing Mobor Beach, this beach shack captures some of the most surreal sunsets. Renowned for its relaxing sundowners, this beach shack can invoke everything you want it to, whether that’s romance, tranquillity or simple solace. Luckily, I got to experience the Susegado energy while the FIFA finals were being aired, and the atmosphere was a mix of excitement and nervousness, a feeling I’m never going to forget.

Livin’ The Spa Life

Marriott International Hotel

There’s nothing a classic spa sesh can’t fix. The St. Regis Goa Resort houses a luxurious spa that offers you a variety of treatments, massages and experiences. I was welcomed into the spa with a relaxing jasmine tea to help calm any nerves, and boy did it help! Soothing music regaled me into my spa room which gave me a glimpse into just how at peace I was going to be. 60 minutes and an intense body massage later, I felt like I could take on the world. With a mix of Ayurvedic and Western massages, the spa at St. Regis Goa Resort has something for everyone.

- Beauty Writer


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