Meet Stamp Duty, A Homegrown Brand That Captures The Ethos Of Reimagined Streetwear


Ever wondered what could happen if the nonchalant allure of streetwear collided head-on with the richness of traditional craftsmanship? Stamp Duty, a brand akin to a chameleon in the world of streetwear, swiftly carved its niche with a distinct fusion of function and style. Creating a canvas of refreshing cuts meets ingenious pleated cargos, embodying a dance of fluidity and contrast. From vests to bralettes, each piece tells a unique story, adorned with zippers and buckles, while fabric alchemy intertwines linen, cotton, and suede velvet into tactile luxury, redefining dynamic hemlines.


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Behind the scenes 

A trio of visionaries, Jay Mehta, Amev Pereira, and Abhay Mehta, with backgrounds in business, literature, and media, respectively, 20-year-olds from Bombay, bring together their varied interests into a holistic vision. With a shared love for vintage Bollywood and contemporary rap that fueled their creativity, the trio embarked on a journey that demanded a union of intuition and skill. Together, they navigated the complexities of creative direction and the intricate challenges of clothing production, learning and growing with each stitch.

In the words of the founder, Jay Mehta, “Breaking into a new industry is something that you need to be obsessive and delusional to do. Fashion, however, is not an industry. It is a series of propositions and personal statements; fashion is a medium for us to leave a stamp.” 

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Jay Mehta by Manan Sheth

Stamp Duty embarks

The brand’s journey began as a bold experiment – a contemplation on how unconventional silhouettes could intertwine with regional techniques and materials. Its creative pulse resonates with the rich artisanal traditions of India in the melodies of contemporary film, fashion, culture, and music. Stamp Duty makes its mark as the converging point of these influences, firmly establishing itself in liminal spaces where cultures harmoniously collide and merge. Their logo, a symbol of this fusion, is eloquently etched in English, Devanagari, paying homage to the authenticity and the roots from which it draws life. 


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In its early stages, the brand was conceived with a vision to defy the mass production model. The brand’s commitment to longevity is evident in its choice of premium materials like raw denim and linen, aiming to reduce water consumption and minimise waste, thereby decreasing its carbon footprint. Embracing India’s rich fashion heritage, Stamp Duty incorporates time-honoured techniques and local artistry, developed over generations. Collaborating with skilled artisans across the subcontinent, not only ensures quality but also supports traditional craftsmanship.

Every Stamp Duty piece is made in India and reflects its dedication to sustainable, high-quality fashion. The founder, Jay Mehta says “Our pieces are made in very limited quantities to reduce wastage – whether they are single custom pieces we make for artists or special occasions, pieces that are make-to-measure and made per order, or our knits – that are produced in limited runs.”

stamp duty
Pre Fall ’23 Twin Cities by Siddhesh Pandey

Twin Cities

The Pre-Fall ’23 Collection, Twin Cities stands as a testament to this ideology and dares to question the very essence of conventional fashion. The Chatai Bralette, a stand-out piece from their latest collection seemingly crafted like a mat from woven fabric strips, defies norms, perfect for a night out in the bylanes of the city. 


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Their designs breathe minimalism infused with Indian craftsmanship, a tribute to the ethos of workwear and streetwear culture. Yet, their distinctive philosophy lies in shunning the confinements of ‘boxes’ in design. Their creations are born from a love affair with the most cherished parts of fashion history and exist without genres cementing their commitment to innovation. 

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