We Found A Brand That Makes Adorable Stick-On Gel Wraps For Nails!

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There is a lot of demand for cute nails these days. No matter the gender, age or profession, getting your nails done is a legit lifestyle trend. From acrylics to gel manicures, sporting a pretty nail art is on top of everybody’s list of salon services to check off every month. Having said that, it may not always be accessible or affordable to get your nails done at the salon. Plus, your nails need a break from professional tools to recuperate from damage. So what do you do in the meanwhile?

DIY, of course! The prospect of attractive stick-on gel wraps that you can switch up whenever you want is exhilarating. I was in need of some nail stickers, and as luck (or the Instagram algorithm) will have it, I stumbled upon YOUGLOW – the small business making the cutest gel nail wraps. A quick chat with founder Yashaswi Khaitan further revealed just how comfortable and fool-proof they are. Here’s what you need to know about gel wraps. 

1. What made you develop a product like gel wraps?

I had just moved back home from college and was at the crossroads of life, confused as to what to do next and trying to figure out my next step like every 21-year-old. I distinctly remember there was a wedding in the family, and I wanted to get my nails done. Now, keep in mind I am someone who likes getting my nails done. They almost feel therapeutic to me.

However, just the thought of the long waiting hours and the uncomfortable chairs made me apprehensive about going for the service. And worst of all, the exposure to UV radiation made the idea of a manicure unappealing. At this moment, I realised that there was maybe a tiny gap in the market that needed filling. A cheaper, more accessible, less time-consuming and ultimately healthier alternative to the traditional gel manicure. And hence, I dived into my research, spending both time and money before officially beginning my journey with YOUGLOW

2. What are the nail wraps made of?

YOUGLOW nail wraps are essentially gel wraps. They are made out of the same gel as the gel manicures in salons. However, there are two major differences:

1. They don’t require additional UV curing, which protects your nails and skin from radiation as they are already solidified. 

2. It doesn’t contain any of the harmful toxins that are present in traditional gel manicures. In fact, YOUGLOW nail wraps are 10-free, which in the industry refers to the absence of the following 10 harmful chemicals including formaldehyde, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), toluene, camphor, and more. This makes them not just friendly to the average adult but also to kids and during pregnancy! 

4. As desi women, we often tend to soil our nails with dal chawal! #IYKYK Are these gel wraps able to stand the test of time for a particularly flavourful lunch?

Yes absolutely! YOUGLOW nail wraps stain much less than the average nail paint and salon gels. Any stains can be removed by washing them properly. Just be sure not to soak them in hot water for too long. If our customer testimonials are anything to go by, women whose professions involve ‘rough use’ of their hands have also seen their nails last up to nearly two weeks. 

3. How does one apply nail wraps?

You start by ensuring the nails are clean and dry – free of any moisturisers, oils and foreign particles. If you have an oily nail bed, you should buff your nails first. Next, you should cut and shape your nails to your desired shape and size. Finally, you apply the gel wraps and press and smooth them down carefully, end to end. You can always apply a layer of top coat to add some extra gloss, but other than that, you’re good to go. Avoiding water for some time after application for good measure is recommended.

5. What is the removal process?

The removal process is rather easy and hassle-free. They can simply be peeled off, or if you are uncomfortable doing so, you can gently soak your hands in warm water for eight to ten minutes. Once the wraps are soft and wrinkled, you can peel them off. However, the easiest method is to use a nail polish remover and wipe them off just like you would with nail paint. The gel wraps will dissolve, leaving behind no trace. 

6. Unlike gel manicures, do you believe nail wraps are less or more damaging?

YOUGLOW nail wraps are way less damaging than any other nail product on the market. As mentioned earlier, we are 10-free, eliminating any damage from those harmful chemicals. Moreover, there is zero UV radiation, which is enough reason for health-conscious individuals to shift to nail/gel wraps. We have come across many customers who started using our product simply because they were tired of their nails becoming weak due to constant gel manicures and acrylics. However, with all this being said, if you have dry or brittle nails, it is recommended to take off these nail wraps within a week’s time to avoid further dryness. We are also launching our own natural toxin-free cuticle oil to help tackle this issue. 

7. How long do they ideally last?

On average, YOUGLOW nail wraps last around 15 days. With proper application, though, they tend to last longer, sometimes even a month. If your profession is very hands-on, for example, that of a chef or a potter, it will last only up to around seven to ten days. However, I recommend taking it off after seven to fifteen days, depending upon your nail health, to give them some rest and avoid dryness. 

8. Are gel wraps different from nail stickers?

I would say there are slight differences from nail stickers. When talking about stickers used as embellishments, they are two entirely different products. However, when you talk about nail stickers as a substitute for a manicure, they are rather similar products. Most nail stickers are not toxin or chemical-free, while YOUGLOW nail wraps are. They, in my opinion, are a direct substitute for manicures in the sense that they take care of your nails both in terms of aesthetics as well as their health.

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