Summer 2022 Has The Hots For Vitamin C Infused Clay Masks

Clay Masks Summer

Unlike fashion, beauty trends don’t often have concrete origin stories. From TV shows to TikTok hacks, beauty trends can sprout from anywhere and spread like wildfire. This is especially true with skincare as it is subjective and dynamic; like a hack for oily skin types can wreak havoc on dry skin. Having said that, sometimes skincare trends can be traced back to their seasonal roots. One such trend that we’ve been spotting is the popularity of vitamin C infused clay masks that have been flying off the shelves in the summer of 2022!


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It all began with Gleamin’s Vitamin C Clay Mask going viral with beauty enthusiasts all over ‘Skinstagram’. The bright yellow mask is formulated with kaolin, aloe, bergamot and turmeric as key actives. Its claims range from dark spots fading, improved texture, evened out skin tone and blemish control. These benefits are generally expected from clay masks but this formulation one-ups others by being extra hydrating. Yep, the mask does not turn your skin into the Sahara desert! The drop seems to trump even expert medicated routines when it comes to dealing with blemishes. The before and after testimonials attached to the product are mind-blowing. FYI, Gleamin ships to India!


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So what has contributed to the viral status of this mask? We believe it’s the unique pairing of two potent ingredients – vitamin C and clay (Fuller’s Earth, Bentonite, Kaolin, Rhassoul or French Green or Pink Clay variants). Both ingredients offer their own set of unique benefits for summer-stressed skin. While clay is known for absorbing excessive sebum and decongesting skin pores, vitamin C is a free radical fighter that works like a champion to strengthen and improve the overall quality of the skin. 

Rich in minerals like silica, magnesium, potassium, copper iron and sodium, clays are filled to brim with skin-loving compounds that offer a multitude of benefits. Today, clay is primarily used to rid the skin of impurities. People are back to commuting to work, and despite the optional mask mandate, many are still wearing one. The skin is constantly exposed to dirt and toxins that get trapped under the mask; a clay mask thus becomes essential for pore care, especially for combination skin.

The addition of vitamin C makes clay masks more inclusive, with even dry and sensitive skin types indulging in them. The trendy vitamin C is one of the most effective skincare ingredients to hit mainstream cosmeceutical brands. From smoothing out uneven skin texture to fading acne marks and reducing the appearance of fine lines, it delivers what it promises. What’s noteworthy here is that most brands are now focused on stabilising the ingredient in a variety of formulations so that people can use it safely, of course with guidance from their dermatologist. 

Combined, vitamin C infused clay masks can offer up a multitude of benefits on a platter –

1. Skin Healing – Both vitamin C and clay are known to help with wound healing. The power duo can help heal your skin from sun damage. Clay is also a natural coolant so issues like hot skin and redness can be addressed. 

2. Skin Detox – The antibacterial properties of clay is coveted for facilitating skin detox. With the combined actor of hydrating vitamin C (yes they are!), you can really amp up the at-home skin detox routine without overdrying it. 

3. Skin Tightening – Both clay and vit C are known to help improve your skin’s look, feel and texture. Clay’s pore-tightening benefits can be clubbed with vit C’s skin toning action to help improve the look of sagging skin. 

4. Skin Brightening – Did you know that vit c C can be mildly exfoliating? The physical exfoliation action of clay can help shake up dull-looking skin from its winter slumber and get ready for the summer.


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