5 Breathable Summer Fabrics Beyond Cotton To Beat The Heat


Summer isn’t just upon us, it has entirely engulfed us. With temperatures rising to 47 degrees in certain parts of the country, the heatwave is our personal hell hole this year. To those living in pleasant cities, please look the other way, this is strictly for those who are sweating buckets even during a 20-minute commute. Drenched and soaked as we make it to work every day, it is more than crucial to wear fabrics that help us sustain through this summer.

First things first, put away your jeans. Opts for fabrics that are lightweight, natural, breathable and made out of flax fibers. While cotton has been single-handedly championing all our summer wardrobes—but if you’re planning to expand your wardrobe with other summer-friendly fabrics, we’ve got you covered. Read below for a complete breakdown of each of these fabrics and where to find outfits made out of them.

1. Hemp

Hemp is antimicrobial and durable. Its high breathability and high absorbency makes it a winning contender for summer. If that’s not enough to convince you, hemp is stronger and better insulating than cotton.



Available at: @hempfabriclab 

2. Chambray

Chambray feels like cotton but looks like look denim, which is a win-win combination for summer. It has a higher thread count and is a finer weave that will help you stay cool and you can pair it with anything you wore with your jeans.


Available at: @chambrayandco

3. Muslin

Muslin is a loosely-woven fabric, crafted with a single weft thread alternating over and under a single warp thread. It is soft and feather-like, making it a no-brainer for summers.


Available at: @kharakapas


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4. Seersucker

Seersucker is a puckered, lightweight fabric, similar to cotton in feel but different in texture. Seersucker dresses in stripes and checks are ideal for those garden parties and summer picnics.


Available at: Mango 


5. Terrycloth Fabrics

Made of terylene and cotton, terrycloth is highly absorbent in nature. It’s strong, easy to wear and is pleasant on the eye. While its slightly fluffy texture may confuse you, it works like a charm on those hotter than hot days.

Available at: Uniqlo India 


Looking for summer dresses, tap here for our shoppable guide.

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