Team ELLE Tried The Clinique’s New Charcoal Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm And The Verdict’s Here


In the world of cleansing balms, only a few have been able to make a cut – one that suits all skin types, doesn’t leave the skin oily, takes off makeup without harsh scrubbing, and is gentle on the skin. For all those who named Clinique’s Take The Day Off (TTDO), we appreciate your choice and have a piece of good news to share. The sought-after TTDO has got an upgrade – it now comes infused with charcoal that not only melts makeup but takes off grime leaving the skin squeaky clean.

To put it to the test, three people–with different skin types and concerns–from team ELLE tried it for two weeks. We are not suggesting giving up your well-set double cleansing routine but, dare we say, this comes close. Read on to know the verdict.

Sakshi Rawte, Beauty Writer

Skin Type: Oily, Acne-Prone

As much as everyone raves about micellar waters, my excessively oily skin needs a lot more than that. Funnily, Clinique’s OG Take The Day Off was the first ever cleansing balm I used. And since then, there’s no looking back. I’m someone who enjoys putting on a full face of makeup on most days, so taking that off is always a task. TTDO Charcoal Balm takes off heavy-duty shimmer eyeshadows, waterproof mascara and even the most long-staying lipstick. The problem I faced with certain cleansing balms is that there’s always a greasy residue left on the skin. With this one, I didn’t experience that at all, a huge win for my oily skin. And a little product goes a long way. There’s good reason to have this cleansing balm on your must-have list.

Mansi Shah, Digital Editor

Skin Type: Normal

I am a beauty aficionado and by now I have learned that a product that looks black is probably not going to show up black; or comes infused with charcoal. Case in point, a lipstick that looks black but gives your lips the right shade of pink or a blush that gives your cheeks a pink flush. So when the Clinique Take The Day Off Charcoal Balm landed on my desk, I knew I was in store for something fun. I’ve been a fan of the Take the Day Off Balm for a while and this one comes infused with charcoal. Performance wise, this is right up there, taking my makeup off in a jiffy and leaving my skin squeaky clean but without stripping it of the oils. This one is a great one to have on your beauty vanity.

Sukriti Shahi, Beauty Editor

Skin Type: Combination

My makeup routine is minimal and therefore, I usually don’t need cleaning oils and balms to melt the layers of products. A cleansing towel or micellar water is more than enough. However, it does become a bit of a task to take off waterproof mascara or stains of stubborn lipstick. Using a cleansing balm-to-oil or an oil formula is tricky for my skin type, and I have to follow it up with a face wash immediately. Clinique’s TTDO Charcoal Balm, however, proved to be an exception. For me, apart from the fact that it takes off makeup and grime in a swipe, it doesn’t leave my skin sticky makes it worth the investment.

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