Team ELLE’s Letter To 2022

Letter to 2022

Dear 2022,

We’re cutting straight to the chase. This year was like a seesaw–it had its constant ups and downs, highs and lows. It was like flipping a coin–you never know which side you’re going to get. It was like walking into a casino voluntarily and living through a gamble you wouldn’t sign up for. What started as a withering plant transformed into a growing fern, filled with hope and positivity. Clearly, the metaphors can go on and on. But now, we want to focus on manifesting positive thoughts for the new year. We, at Team ELLE India, are reflecting on what we learned and how we wish to move forward in the coming year. Here’s Team ELLE’s letter to 2022.

1. Mansi Shah, Digital Editor

“2021 was a year I did not sign up for and whoever is penning down my future, I am putting this out there in the universe. But here’s to 2022. I know that it’s going to be a tricky year. My hope is that I can ride out whatever it throws at me, and I am expecting plenty of curveballs. Maybe this is the year I will finally write (a book, a blog, maybe an Instagram post–I aim low). I want 2022 to be the year that we are able to ditch masks so I can wear lipsticks and glosses. Maybe this is the year I will achieve my traveling goals. Yes, lofty, I know. 2022, I am ready for you. This isn’t a war cry though, or a challenge. So don’t come at me.”

Letter to 2022

2. Zoha Castelino, Fashion Editor

“2021 was a year of learning to adapt and evolve. I have discovered that I’m not as opposed to either. On that note, may 2022 re-establish that the only constant in the universe is change and nothing we do will stop that.”

Letter to 2022

3. Shaeroy Chinoy, Jr. Fashion Editor

“2021 was a year of learning and unlearning, a year of introspection, a year of spiritual and personal growth, a year of self-realisation and gradual improvement. A wholesome year for the ones who were looking for answers. Like they say, ‘There are years that ask questions and years that answer’ – Zora Neale Hurston. Heading into 2022, I hope to take the learning and execute it in magically rewarding ways and develop an attitude of gratitude with undisputed self-confidence and awareness.”

Letter to 2022

4. Pooja Khanna, Manager, Brand Solutions

“Change is constant. Having said that, 2021 personally brought a lot of positive changes in my life, which made me grow on the personal and professional front. In 2022, I am hoping for more positivity. I have missed traveling for the last 2 years. Wanderlust is on my mind and I am really looking forward to it. Wishing everyone a happy 2022 full of pleasant surprises.”

Letter to 2022

5. Ruman Baig, Sr. Digital Writer

“For me, 2021 was a learning curve in every sense of the word. I learned things about myself and pushed for change even when it was uncomfortable. In 2022, I wish to slow down – something that doesn’t come easy to me. Lesser checklists and goals, more moments and laughter, please!”

Letter to 2022

6. Isha Mayer, Digital Writer

“2021 was one hell of a roller coast ride! So much happened and looking back, I feel I need to take a moment to process everything! You feel me? The year’s first half was certainly challenging, but the second half had hope and progress. There was finally some human connection–I could travel and head to restaurants (my inner foodie was happy) and I met a bunch of great people from my workplace, who are now great friends! Don’t worry, I’m taking all my precautions. Going ahead in 2022, I hope things don’t start the same way it did in 2021 but at the same time, I would like to embrace this unpredictability, be happy, and keep growing and going with the flow.”

Letter to 2022

7. Sumona Bose, Beauty Writer

“Even though 2021 felt like an encore version of 2020, I did come of it with new learnings, which I am planning to use in 2022. I hope to adapt to uncertain situations better and trust that everything works out in the end. Also, personal goals of working on my mental health and relationships will take precedence over professional ones. If there is one thing I have learned this year is that you cannot do it alone. So you might as well have your BFFs and fam join in on the madness as well!”

Letter to 2022

8. Sakshi Sharma, Jr. Digital Writer

“2021 for me was about new beginnings. What I’ve learned is that not all your decisions have to be smart, some can be purely for cinematic value. I took chances, met some amazing people, stepped out of my comfort zone, and had some great character development (laughs). In 2022 I hope to take more risks, travel, have new experiences, and be fearless in the pursuit of my dreams.”

Letter to 2022

9.  Aliza Fatma, Editorial Assistant

“2021 certainly has been a year of “this-looks-good-oh-wait-no-does-it-really?” More than anything else, I hope this New Year, we make mental health a priority and I don’t mean it the Instagram way.”

Letter to 2022

10. Komal Shetty, Fashion Assistant

“For me, 2021 was full of firsts. From trying a handful of new skills to landing my first job, It’s been a year of trial and error. Looking back at all of it now, I feel super grateful for every single one of those experiences. I also realised my urge to be overproductive in 2021 stemmed from the need to compensate for the mundane year that 2020 was. So my wish for 2022 is to carry forward the learnings and find a rhythm and balance in the chaos. To continue to grow and glow but do it at my own pace!”

Letter to 2022

11. Priyuta Sodiwala, Fashion Intern

“2021 has been a monumental year for me. From attending my senior year of college online to having the opportunity to work with some of the most incredible people, I’m thankful for everything that I have learned. I have also realized how important health and consistency are, and so I hope to continue my holistic journey through the next year too. Lastly, I wish everyone finds hope, luck and strength for 2022.”

Letter to 2022

12. Miloni Thakker, Digital Intern

“2021 has truly been a year of self-reflection and learning, demonstrating the true meaning of the term “life is too short.” It most likely taught me to accept obstacles with a smile. With all the unknowns that this year brought, I learned to sit back and let life take its course. And that’s what I want to carry forward to the new year.”

Letter to 2022

13. Dhwani Gala, Digital Intern

“2021 made me believe that everything happens for a reason, trust in God and continue doing what I’m doing. I hope that 2022 for me is filled with travels and positive energy. Also, I wish that I am able to get out of my comfort zone.”

Letter to 2022

In a nutshell, we all hope that 2022 isn’t 2020 two. Wishing you all a very happy new year!

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