TENCEL™ Redefines The Saree Experience For Today’s Eco-Conscious Women

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If there was ever a royalty in the fashion costume segment, it undoubtedly has to be sarees. They have been the heart and soul of traditional Indian fashion for thousands of years (yes, we fact-checked it). Equally loved by all generations of women from different walks of life, the famous six-yard garment has fashionably evolved over the years yet remains timeless and elegant. But has saree supremacy kept up with today’s fashion demands of ease, comfort and sustainability?

Sustainability is not just a trend, it is most definitely the future of fashion. Many brands and designers have started leaning towards responsible production for their clothing collections, which serves them exceptionally well in the contemporary fashion market. However, we have a large segment of women whose wardrobe staples have a dedicated saree selection, and most of them struggle to find the much-needed eco-stylish options that they deserve.

A ground-breaking sustainable fabric

The new wave of fashion fans favour comfort and practicality which places limits on everyone’s beloved saree, often confining the garment to a rare and remarkable traditional wear choice for extra special occasions only. Although the comfortable cotton sarees are classy and elegant, they do not always meet the ‘fun’ and ‘peppy’ saree standards. However, for a garment as versatile as a saree, it is unfair to limit it or compromise style over comfort and vice versa. But guess what? We don’t have to. To our collective delight, TENCEL is taking responsible fashion to another level. By adding sarees to its mix of adaptations, they’re enabling brands and designers to weave magic into six yards of fabric. 

Now, if you didn’t know, TENCEL™ is the brand that makes unprecedented sustainable lyocell and modal fibres. The brand is already a go-to in the fashion industry for major fashion houses and local labels alike, who use TENCEL™ branded biodegradable fibres which are more versatile than most bio-fabrics. Additionally, they’ve recently claimed their well-deserved place in the Indian fashion space with leading labels like TATA Group, Chennai Silks, Pothys, and celebrity designer Anju Modi where they presented an enchanting saree collection – ‘Damayanti’ during Lakme Fashion Week a few months ago.

The TENCEL™ Touch

We’ve been rocking sarees for years, but today we have the choice of doing it even more responsibly than before, and from what we’ve seen from TENCEL™, it’s a win-win for all. How so? Well, for one thing, it addresses the hypothetical elephant in the room as traditional sarees have a reputation for being heavy. For example, the ones made of 100% silk can be a tad uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. However, when blended with TENCEL™ fibres, saree materials become extremely comfortable, lightweight and free-flowing, making them effortless to wear for hours at a time. 

The look and feel of the outfit only gets better thanks to the unique physical properties of these fibres which are gentle on the skin, durable, and easy to maintain. Did you know that these fibres can also retain colour dye better than other popular materials? As a result, the clothes look new and aesthetically effervescent. Case in point: Anju Modi’s stunning and vibrant collection, which is a testament to the quality of TENCEL™ fibres, as it not only looks like a dream but feels like one too. 

Click here to learn more about how you can be responsibly fashionable with TENCEL™.

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