The Art Of Layering Your Lingerie To Create Cohesive Looks

In the world of fashion, where every layer adds depth to your style narrative, lingerie remains the silent protagonist. It’s not merely about what meets the eye but rather the intricate dance of textures, colours, and silhouettes that create a symphony of sensuality.

I am a firm believer of layering to create cohesive looks. I’ve watched a basic look transform into a put-together look just by adding pieces to it. On some days, I use my basic black bra as a style statement and on other days it serves just its purpose but regardless, I never forget to have fun with it. 

This summer you can look effortlessly chic by using items from your closet you never felt were this innovative. Layering lingerie is an art in itself and today I’m going to walk you through creating 3 cohesive looks using lingerie pieces. So let’s dive right in. 

1. Power Play

Take your basic black tummy tucker and reimagine it as the cornerstone of confidence. Layered over an oversized blazer, it transforms into a sleek corset, cinching the waist with authority. Paired effortlessly with tailored trousers or denim, this ensemble is the picture of power and sophistication. Complete the look with accessories – a chunky necklace and oversized sunglasses. 


2. Innovative Basics

Go pluck out that basic black bra and briefs set that you wear all the time and give it the makeover it deserves. Pick a sheer black dress and layer it over the black set. For an added touch, wear lace tights to complete your runway-ready look. 


3. Monochromatic Bliss

Take a page out of Charlie D’Amelio’s book and add spice to your basic intimates for a music-festival-ready look. Layer a white bra over a black bra, then layer white panties over black high-waisted briefs. Top it off with a sheer black/white skirt, a waist chain and a head scarf to complete your look. 


- Fashion Writer

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