The Doja Cat Endorsed Glass Bag From Coperni Is 2022’s ‘It’ Accessory


Whether it was the Jacquemus mini bag or the Miu Miu low-waist tiny skirt—fashion loves a trending item in the limelight. This season, it’s the Swipe bag from Coperni’s Fall/Winter runway collection. Debuted on the arm of Gigi Hadid, parading it on the catwalk in a powder pink dress—the accessory of the moment is literally made of blown-up glass. Taking wearable art to a whole new level—the french label’s co-founders Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant collaborated with Heven, a hand-blown glass company founded by Breanna Box and Peter Dupont.


The original design for the Swipe bag was inspired by the ‘swipe to unlock’ feature on an iPhone—the current variation of this design is moulded out of a single piece of glass, which is further drilled and opened with scissors for storage. Fashion was never easy, but now it’s brittle and can cut you if broken. Naturally, its impracticality and choice of bizarre material have attracted a storm of celebrities wanting dibs on it.

(Don’t) Drop It Like Its Hot


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Doja Cat arrived on the 2022 Grammy red carpet in a custom-made ice-blue Versace dress and complemented it with a Coperni Swipe glass bag in a matching ombré. On the same red carpet, singer Tinashe showed up in a latex pink GCDS dress with a ruby red Swipe bag. It’s safe to say, neither of them was carrying any valuables otherwise their credit card details could easily be traced through their transparent arm candy.


Jenner’s Nod Of Approval


You know it’s going to fly off the rack when a Kar-Jenner sibling sports it. This time, making a subtle appearance post baby number 2 was Kylie Jenner. Gearing up for the promotion of her upcoming reality series on Hulu, the youngest beauty mogul decided to take the clear Coperni glass bag (with custom devil horn detail) for a spin. She styled it with an anti-fit suit from Isidora Djurovic for a casual press day. Making a case for its functionality (also, self-promotion) Kylie carried just two Kylie Cosmetics lip products in the transparent handbag, because what else could you need to carry when you have an entourage to do the same?


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Runway to Retail

Props to Coperni for strategically marketing this bag—right from the runway to the red carpet and creating the right amount of curiosity amongst the customers. Although, its availability is still unclear because of its tedious manufacturing process. The glass must reach a temperature of 3,000°F before it can be given the desired shape, it gets further tricky because it has to be made from a single piece. While the bag has ‘blown’ up all over our social media feeds, the jury on its practicality is still out. That doesn’t mean fashion’s material girls aren’t queuing up to get their hand on it and style it for those perfect Instagramable pictures and reels.


Classic Vs Fad

Coperni is yet to open it up to the public, but we won’t be surprised if it sells out within minutes. After all, a hot-right-now trend reaches its pinnacle before it (fad)es out *smirks in Fendi Peekaboo*. For a fashion connoisseur, a luxury bag is a sound financial investment. Treated as a collector’s item, the more coveted the bag (Hermès Birkin) the larger the resale value—how does a quick-serve item fit into this narrative? Is it worth the money if it will not sustain for generations and won’t make you richer if you resell? Well, there’s no foreseeable end to the classic vs fad argument—but, at least you can ask yourselves these questions before making an impulse purchase.

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