From Pink Venom to Hype Boy, These 10 K-Pop Music Videos Served Major Fashion In 2022

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There’s no denying that K-Pop has a vast global influence, and its music videos are chock-full of themes that appeal to the genre’s Gen-Z fanbase. Yes, the music is always on repeat on our playlist, but there’s something really cool about their music video–styling. The style squad always makes it very clear that they are not here to play safe. These videos are a massive serve filled with wild themes like goth, regency, or traditional K-pop vibes coupled with excellent production value.

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One of the most-watched music videos this year is Pink Venom by BLACKPINK. As expected, the most attractive portion of the music video is the fashion; the members (Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa) dabbled in expensive couture. It’s fair to say that these girls are one of the world’s most-watched style mavens. Apart from BLACKPINK, we saw New Jeans become one of the hottest fourth-generation K-pop groups. Their attire was a breath of fresh air in the industry, perfectly embodying the Y2K era. Not to forget the K-pop boy bands TXT, BTS, Ateez, and singers like Jackson Wang, who turned up the heat by going all out to serve major fashion.

Want to upgrade your fashion game this new year? Screenshot the looks from these 10 K-Pop music videos:

1. Pink Venom by BLACKPINK

Just like the title, the music video is a venomous demonstration of the band’s signature extravagant fashion, with over 20 high-end labels on display. Some of the best looks in the video are Jennie’s red sheer, cheetah-print dress from Alaïa and Jisoo’s head-to-toe Dior look.

2. Hype Boy by NewJeans

The NewJeans members have become the latest fashion MVPs thanks to their sleek, sporty attire for their most recent music video, Hype Boy. Their wardrobe choices can be described as a peek Gen Z look, complete with Y2K crop tops, glitzy makeup, and baggy jeans (skinny jeans has left the chat).

3. Yet To Come by BTS

This visually stunning music video has recognisably BTS fits and accessories, as well as cinematic nods to the band’s earlier tunes. The boy band serves some classic tailored fits instead of their usual flamboyant looks.

4. Antifragile by LE SSERAFIM

This song is a bop! The trending tune is not just catchy but also has a visually attractive music video. The members are decked out in trendy fits like cargo pants and Mary Janes that match the funky and peppy vibe of the beats.

5. Blow by Jackson Wang

This music video is served with magical theatrical visuals. The Magic Man ate and left no crumbs on the fashion in the video that was also high on Bridgerton vibes.The singer-rapper raised the heat with corsets, puff-sleeve shirts, and antique dress pants, going into a trance after breathing in the enigmatic smoke.

6. Pop by Nayeon

TWICE Nayeon‘s solo debut, Pop is the best portrayal of the artist’s peppy nature in the upbeat music video. According to Stan Twitter, the vibes are similar to OG K-pop videos filled with colourful outfits and vibrant makeup, with over 10 outfit changes throughout the video. P.S. Her most famous playsuit in the video is actually made from a Louis Vuitton towel.

7. Hot by Seventeen

The song was Hot as expected, and the members are dressed in avant-garde garb. With sharp-cut blazers and extravagant accessories, the music video is a stunning treat.

8. Zoom by Jessi

Jessi always stuns in the most eye-catching outfits. Zoom’s music video is a perfect example of her fierce personality and fashion sense.

9. Good Boy Gone Bad by TXT

The fashion is the icing on the cake as it goes well with the song’s theme of post-breakup glow-up. This video looks badass thanks to the goth makeup and the precise amount of regencycore.

10. Freeze by Stray Kids

Contrary to the title of the song, this music video turns up the heat with Stray Kids donning slick suits and burning scenery. This filled the demand for much-needed boy band graphics with a full-on mafia atmosphere.

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