Tried And Tested: Dyson Corrale

In March, James Dyson revealed the latest technological advancement in hairstyling at Dyson’s flagship store in Paris. He spoke of heat damage—the key words that keep us from having good hair days more often—and the Dyson Corrale, a straightening iron like no other. After the success of the Dyson Supersonic and the Airwrap, it was the right time to announce a straightening iron to complete their trinity of hair tools.

As someone who enjoys the sleekness of straight hair, I wasn’t sure how the Corrale could be any different from other respectable straighteners. But trust Dyson to come up with creative solutions to everyday problems. After a few weeks of using the Dyson Corrale, here’s what I found out…

It’s quick

The Dyson Coralle is officially described as a ‘straightener with flexing plates’ that hugs and moulds around hair. Confused how a straightening iron does this? The clue is in the name itself. Unlike the rigid, flat plates of a traditional iron, Dyson’s manganese copper alloy plates are bendy and they literally gather (corral, get it?) hair for equal heat distribution. In layman terms, it means there’s no tugging and less hair breakage. Each lock of hair is smoothed in one go, stopping the need to go over the same section repeatedly, thereby limiting heat exposure.

It’s smart, really smart

For someone who straightens hair at 210C, my biggest fear is that one day I will melt off a chunk of my hair. I haven’t had to worry about this with the Dyson Corrale. If you’re familiar with the Supersonic, you’ll know that Dyson’s intelligent heat control checks the temperature up to a hundred times per second, eliminating the chances of overheating. Dyson Corrale gives three temperature settings (165C, 185C, 210C) and you can pick one based on your hair volume and type. When you pick your preferred setting, the machine beeps once it’s reached the required temperature. And it stays steady through the 15-20 minutes you’ll need to style your hair.


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It’s cordless

You can do your hair anywhere, even in the car—as long as you’re not driving. The four-cell lithium battery is just as powerful as a heated cord tool with a single charge lasting up to 30-45 minutes. This was enough for me to style my frizzy, shoulder-length hair.  When you’re travelling; it has a smart ‘flight mode’ tab that disables the battery and keeps it from accidentally heating in your luggage.

It doubles up as a curling tong

Because it’s cordless you can easily create ribbon curls, without the awkward arm contortions. Incase you forgot to charge it, and you do need the cord, it easily moves around 360 degrees.

Final verdict

If you straighten your hair often, then the Corrale is a great tool. It serves the purpose while reducing your reliance on excess heat. The machine does have some weight to it, but it doesn’t come in the way of smoothing or curling hair. Overall, it’s worth the investment.

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