Why Are Indians Obsessing Over Turkish Dramas & What To Watch If You’re A Beginner

Turkish Drama

There was a time when I was a good kid. One who complied with everything my family did, like actively participating in the daily soap marathon that started at 9 pm sharp. And I also had a phase where I was much more invested in those dramas than my grandmother herself (not my proudest moment). There’s this unspeakable pull in the theatrics of such cringe content that somehow manages to monetize even a slap replayed three times over.

And later, with the advent of Netflix, Prime and other OTT platforms, our viewing patterns evolved. But that itch of wanting to go back to your roots of ‘I don’t need to use my brains to process it’ kind of content ran strong. But we found a cure: Turkish dramas. The young and slightly more woke equivalent of Indian soaps. And the fact that they too, overdose on tea and apply henna before the wedding and give us a happily ever after made it all the more culturally similar to grasp. With subtitles/ dubbing of course. And thus began the abundant content consumption.

If you too, want to go back to Ekta Kapoor’s area of expertise, but this time, in a language that you can’t decipher.

Check these Turkish shows out:

1. Sen Çal Kapımı (Love Is In the Air)

Eda is poor. Serkan is rich. And….he’s her boss. Totally did not see that coming. But the reason she’s poor is somehow linked to a tragic past involving Serkan’s family. If office romances are your thing, go give it a watch.

Stream It On: MX Player

2. Dirilis: Ertugrul

If historical sagas rock your boat, this show set in the 13th century is one to keep an eye on. Having shattered multiple viewership records throughout South Asia, the costumes and cinematography of the show are a real delight.

Stream It On: Netflix

3. Kara Sevda (Endless Love)

Nihan is rich. Kemal is poor. Scandal alert. Gender roles what? Heralded as one of the most famous Turkish dramas and also the winner of an international Emmy for the best telenovela category, this one’s for the true romantics.

Stream It On: MX Player

4. Aşk Laftan Anlamaz

This one’s a cute love story involving the usual yada yada of disagreements, jealousy and the act of winning the significant other back. But what sets it apart is the way it effortlessly weaves the love lives of the supporting actors as well, making the show richer and more engaging.

Stream It On: YouTube

5. Erkenci Kuş (Daydreamer)

Sanem, the main lead, is an ambitious woman aiming to live on her terms. Her not so meet-cute with the male lead happens with an accidental kiss in the dark. While I’m reserving my opinions on the said scene, devoted audiences seem to keep raving about this one.

Stream It On: MX Player

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You need more choices? Check out a list of nostalgic shows you don’t want to miss here. 

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