Twilight Is Trending Again. But Where’s The Cast Now? We Fill You In


Based on Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling novel, Twilight was a huge rage over a decade ago. And the fandom only grew once the book turned into a movie with stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner as its leads. More than a decade later, all five parts to the series are now on Netflix, reuniting the Twihards (old and new) once again!

The continued hype surrounding the Netflix release has kept the films in the Top 10 Trending category on the streaming platform since the release date. In fact, teens right now are just getting to know all about the blood-sucking family and the love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob. Either way, we’re just on a binge-watch marathon of re-watching all the films and going down a memory lane–from getting excited about the fact that Edwards sparkles in the sun to obsessing over Jacob’s long hair to enjoying the iconic baseball scene with Bella and The Cullens to suddenly stopping and wondering what the cast has been up to after all these years?

We all know Rob and Kristen went on to do big projects in Hollywood and so did some of the others, but not with the same amount of limelight. Fast forward to 2022, here’s what some of your other fav cast members are doing.

1. Taylor Lautner

Besides being the subject of Taylor Swift’s hit track Back To December, Taylor Lautner has featured in multiple films, Abduction and Grown Ups 2 being some of the most popular ones. He did face a bit of a dry spell in his acting career since 2018 but fans are super happy that the actor has finally returned to screen with Netflix’s Home Team, in which he plays a long-suffering coach of a football team. And let’s not forget how he’s the current talk of the town all over again not only because of Twi-moms but also the current generation that is exposed to the movie.

Also, ICYMI, Taylor Lautner is now engaged, guys! He is married to Taylor Dome, whose name after marriage will become Taylor Lautner if she doesn’t keep her maiden name. Is anyone else fascinated by this coincidence or is it just us?


2. Anna Kendrick

In case you forgot (just like herself, which she admitted in an interview), Anna plays the role of Jessica Stanley, best friend to Bella. While she was a blink and miss in Twilight, the star went on to have a notable career in the comedy-crime genre. Whether it was as the talented singer and amazing friend Beca in all the Pitch Perfect films, the super crime-solving mommy blogger in A Simple Favor, or the absolutely adorable and funny Martha in Mr. Right, we loved watching Anna in all of them! And we can’t wait to see what’s in store for her next. In terms of her love life, she was recently in the news for reportedly dating Bill Hader (the one with whom she shared screen space in the film, Noelle) for over a year.


3. Nikki Reed

It looks like Nikki loved vampires so much she got married to one aka Ian Somerhalder who played the super hot Damon on The Vampire Diaries. The couple shares a beautiful daughter named Bodhi. The celebrity plays Rosalie, the vampire who didn’t like Bella initially. Post Twilight, she made an appearance in Empire State which also starred Dwayne Johnson but has mainly remained absent from Hollywood. She has found her calling as a businesswoman and animal activist. The celebrity is the founder of a jewellery label called Bayou With Love, Creative Director of vegan sneaker label LØCI and Strategic Advisor at clean medicine company Genexa®. She loves photography and her Instagram account is proof. When she’s not shooting content for her own company, she finds inspiration in her family and we love those photos the best. And let’s not forget the brilliant work she’s doing on recusing countless animals with Ian.


4. Kellan Lutz

Kellan played Emmett, the love interest of Rosalie in Twilight. Following the film series, he turned to the action genre (unexpected but great for him!) featuring in films such as Extraction, Guardians of the Tomb, Speed Kills, among others and shows like CBS’ FBI and FBI: Most Wanted. The actor is all set to play Lieutenant Frank Ross in Come Out Fighting. Kellan is married to Brittany Gonzales and they have a daughter named Ashtyn Lilly.


5. Ashley Greene

Ashley and her iconic pixie haircut rose to fame when she played Alice in Twilight. Post the film, she explored more as an actor in horror and Hallmark Christmas movies, and as a voiceover artist in video games. But now, the star has found her calling in the health and beauty sector–she, along with her sister-in-law, Olivia Khoury, has launched a reproductive health company Hummingway. It aims to educate people who menstruate about natural methods for alleviating symptoms and was created out of Greene’s own experience to help people manage their menstrual symptoms with natural and clean products. At age 34, Greene chose to stop using hormonal birth control products as it had an intense reaction from her body.


6. Jackson Rathbone

The actor, producer and musician plays Alice’s romantic interest, Jasper who creeps out Bella (and us) with his constant stares and bloodthirst. Thank god that faded away later! Following his role in Twilight, the actor made appearances in films such as The Last Airbender, Mixtape, among others. In addition to acting, he has created music for years (previously performing in a funk band) and released his first solo single in 2016 and album in 2018, besides experimenting with various hairstyles that are evident on his Instagram. Now, the actor is set to star in Netflix’s upcoming romantic drama Until We Meet Again (set to release this month) and his first horror film Warhunt, set to release later this year. In terms of his personal life, Jackson has settled down with his family, his wife Sheila Hafsadi, and three children Monroe, Felix and Presley.


7. Peter Facinelli

Peter plays Dr. Carlisle, the head of the Cullen family in the vampire series. Thereafter, he continued to act in various shows and films, the noteworthy ones being Nurse Jackie and Supergirl. The actor is set to lead a World War One movie drama Can You Hear Me?, which is due to shoot in the UK next month. Additionally, he also delved into writing and directing with the Netflix movie The Vanished, and produced and stars in The Unbreakable Boy, releasing on Lionsgate this year.


8. Elizabeth Reaser

The actress plays Esme Cullen, Edward’s mum and Dr. Carlisle’s wife in Twilight. So what’s she been up to now? Well, the star went on to bag some great roles–case in point, her identity-changing characters such as Jane Doe, Rebecca Pope and Ava in the hit series Grey’s Anatomy (for which she also won an Emmy in 2007) and Olivia Winslow on The Handmaid’s Tale. She has also fancied the horror genre throughout her career with The Haunting of Hill House, Ouija: Origin of Evil and Impeachment: American Crime Story.


9. Billy Burke

The actor plays Bella’s father Charlie Swan and added some fun with his random comic remarks in the intense film. Following his role, he appeared in motion pictures such as Lights Out, Breaking In, and most recently, Netflix’s Maid. The actor is also a musician and writes songs of his own. Cool, right?


10. Mackenzie Foy

Little Renesmee Cullen (Edward and Bella’s half-human half-vampire daughter) is all grown up now! Mackenzie only featured in Twilight’s last two instalments Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2. The only thing that weirds me out till today is the fact that Jacob imprints on her, which means that an adult character was suddenly connected to a child, and it would only be more awkward as the years passed. You feel me? Anyway, after Twilight, Mackinzie appeared in Interstellar as the young version of Murph, the lead Clara in The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, and also starred in Disney’s remake of Black Beauty. The 20-year old star certainly has potential and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for her next!


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- Lifestyle Editor


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