Lots Of Bling But Not Sure Of The Styling? Here’s Our Guide To Wearing and Pairing Jewellery


Jewellery has a special place in our fashion cabinet. Despite our accessory drawers overflowing with pieces that are yet to see the light of the day on account of styling execution. Does it compliment my ensemble well? Are the colours and textures clashing? Amidst the who, why and hows, you finally end up sticking to your boring old hoops and trusty chain and carry on with your day.

But we’re here to address this jewellery conundrum of yours. From simple do’s and don’ts to practical advise on foolproof couplings, we’ve got you sorted on the bijoux front.

Choker Checkmate


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Post the resurgence of jewellery’s gothic incarnate, aka the choker, multiple iterations of the piece have granted it an evergreen status. Styling them might be a tad bit tricky, sure, but the route to acing the choker game entails going down the turtleneck route. A higher neckline provides ample room for the piece to shine on its own and that’s how you stay on top of the choker game.

Pendulum Precision

Rule 1: Give your piece the spotlight it deserves.

Rule 2: Avoid metal and fabric clashing.

While dealing with large pendants and chunky drop-like pieces, open necklines are the way to go. Nestled nicely against the background of your skin, let your jewels retain their star status by making them the focal point of your ensemble.

The Lone Wolf

Whether dangling, tassels or chandelier earrings, when tackling a pair which is substantially huge or wide, avoid opting for a neckpiece. While these are the abcs I’m sure you’re familiar with, we still tend to commit this faux pas whilst aiming to tap into maximalist sensibilities.

Pro tip: Even if the earring is a centimeter away from touching your shoulders, forgo the necklace.

Layering Love


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Gen Z’s very own favourite, layered chains have been enjoying their cult status for more than a couple years now. And understandably so, given the ease of styling and pairing these.

Ranking high on the versatility pedestal, layered chains undoubtedly suit most necklines and styles. They also make for a great choice for when you’re standing in front of the mirror with a question mark on your face, pondering why you don’t have anything to wear.

The Stack


Sultry, ethnic and statement – the stack is here to stay, for good. Whether sculptural, chunky or thin, this arm candy has been a frequent sighting at many red carpets with Hailey Bieber and Zendaya being the foremost patrons. Could be sported either on a full-sleeved outfit or as a standalone on the arms – you’re free to pick. Can never go wrong with this one, we insist.

Mane Merger

The childish connotation associated with hair jewellery is passé and needs doing away with. Be it hair brooches, pins or bandanas, acing your accessorizing game is simple. Sleek hair for metal and elevated add-ons, while beachy waves for bandanas and fabric inserts et voilà, you’re sorted on the mane front.

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