Your Ultimate Party Survival Guide

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It’s almost New Year’s Eve, and you know what that means: the ultimate celebration of the year, and let’s face it, if not done correctly, can end up being pretty muddled, you’ll either end up with a bad hangover or find yourself snogging a local hottie. To ensure that your celebrations don’t go off the rail, we’ve put together the ultimate NYE survival guide, whether your spirit calls for party vibes or a cosy night in. There’s some assistance for everyone to get through the night in one piece (Well, at least we can try)

1. Hangover Pills

Wondering how that one friend who downed all the alcohol ends up waking for breakfast the next morning, feeling perfectly normal? Well, if you’re no party savant, allow us to let you in on a secret. We have something to counter the damage.  Pop a hangover pill before all the free champagne starts to flow in to forestall all the misery that often follows. Designed to drastically reduce the severity of a hangover, the pill might not combat all that comes along with a heavy drinking sesh, but at least you will not wake up feeling queasy the next morning.

2. Update Your Beauty Stash

Party survival Guide
Penny hungover from Big Bang Theory

Well, if you do make it safely to the other side, we all know a hungover face the next morning is not the prettiest thing to look at. Admit it, getting the ‘I woke up like this face’ to look kind of passable when you are drenched in booze and puke, is not happening.  But at least makeup can help you mask those puffy eyes and dehydrated skin, so update your beauty stash just before you step out, pick your best concealer and go to blush to save yourself from looking like something the cat has dragged in. We also recommend a comb.

3. Stay Hydrated

You’ve certainly heard enough about the need to stay hydrated but this holy grail can also work as an elixir to mitigate alcohol’s after-effects. It’s time to up your aqua game if you haven’t already. Water, before/after and most importantly in between each drink, will help with the symptoms of overdoing it with the booze and rehydrate your body, making you feel less like you’ve been hit by a truck the next morning.

4. Make Food Your Best Friend

Party survival guide
Party survival guide

All food babies out there, you’ll certainly love this one. If there is one thing we know is drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea. Opt for a pre-booze meal, a fulfilling, hearty one before stepping out. Food reduces the effect of alcohol, which means it going to be a lot more drinks before you start seeing two of you. We are all in the holiday spirit and nothing sounds more amazing than juicy burgers and cheesy pizzas but try to pick a nutrient-packed meal to feel better.

5. Stay Comfortable

We know you probably picked your sequinned pieces to go with your party plans, but if there’s one thing to remember while picking a silhouette for a night out is swapping glam with comfy. This is the stuff that makes this party survival guide better than just good. Let’s face it who does not want to look stylish while bidding this not-so-great year sayonara? Invest in pieces that make you want to dance. When we say comfort, we most definitely don’t mean sweatpants and joggers, something that is comfortable and stylish. Opt for an ensemble that lets you twirl away.

Style Tip: Embrace the trousers, pair them with a statement-making blouse. Keep it chic with minimal jewelry and comfort shoes that keep you dancing all night. 

But hey, if you have no plans for New Years’ Eve, we have something you could do instead.

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