Your Complete Guide To Taking Care Of Your Underarms

Underarm Care Guide

Underarm care is rarely a hot topic among skincare enthusiasts. The armpits are generally ignored,  clubbed with general body care in the hopes that they aren’t going to be making appearances any time soon. But whether you’re going to be wearing a bikini or going to a concert and throwing your hands up in the air, taking care of the skin under your arms is crucial.  Products and routines that ruin your underarms can also take away from your overall look and possibly affect your health. We reckon it’s time we pay  attention to the underarms.

Is It Really The Pits, Though?

You got issues; everyone else got ‘em too. We’re talking about problems faced with the least coveted part of your daily routine. Dealing with the underarms. Sores, rashes, sweat, odour, it’s all here. But we still end up giving it the least amount of attention. I wouldn’t go so far as to label it taboo, but it’s just considered uncomfortable. Now, onto the few ways you can make sure your underarms are given the utmost care so you can throw your hands up in the air, like you just don’t care.

1. Deodorant Dilemma


There are one too many deodorants flooding the market, and finding one that works specifically for you may take a bit of trial and error. Look at the problems plaguing your underarms, and find products from brands you’ve used before that solve a specific problem. Whether it’s skin irritation or ingrowth, having a personalised deodorant could potentially save you from the woes that come with experimentation.  Hypoallergenic deodorants could be great to try out as well. Still, you’ll need to check out their ingredient list before usage.

Natural deodorants are versatile and safe; they are rid of nasty aluminium and work in harmony with your sweat glands instead of blocking them completely. They work by killing the odour-causing bacteria in your underarms and neutralising the natural scent of your body.

2. Daily Cleansing Is Essential


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Pay extra attention to underarm care while taking a shower or a bath. Because of the folds present, the area tends to retain moisture and is more prone to infections caused by germs or bacteria (due to being trapped there). Keeping the pH balance just right is imperative.  Use products in the shower specifically suited for the folds of your underarms as well.

3. Exfoliate Away For Underarm Care


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Try exfoliating at least once in two weeks. Chemical and physical exfoliants effectively wash (or scrub) away dead skin cells and unwanted deep-seated bacteria, giving your underarm skin some much-required nourishment. You can use a variety of concentrates, scrubs and masks – just as you would use them for any other body part. Regular exfoliation also keeps unwanted dark marks at bay.

4. Hair Removal Shouldn’t Be A War Zone


Whether you’re waxing, shaving, or using other hair removal techniques, do so gently. Harsh strokes with a razor blade or pulling a waxing strip in the wrong direction without proper post-care can lead to bumps, ingrowths and rashes. It usually ends in sticky fingers and a lot of pain. We’ve all tried hair removal at home during the 2020 lockdown, and it was horrible at several levels.

If you’re trying out waxing at home, start with the ready-to-heat and use strips first before venturing into the wax labyrinth. Also, make sure that you massage a moisturiser or lotion right after any hair removal process. You can also use a nourishing body oil for advanced underarm care.

5. Moisturise Mindfully And Let Your Pits Breathe


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Constant deodorant usage and  itchy fabrics can take a toll on your underarm skin, especially if it’s right after hair removal. Moisturise regularly and mindfully. Give your underarms a break from perfumes, deodorants or hair removal whenever you can so that the skin in the area gets some down time.

Pro Tip – Removing your underarm hair right before bed can prove to be a good technique to reduce discolouration and hyperpigmentation. Don’t try plucking out the barely-there hair follicles because it just makes the situation worse.

Quick fixes are never the answer for underarm care, no matter what the problem. Because of the nature of your skin under your arms, the sort of folds, and the blatant rough use when removing hair, underarms can be subject to a lot and therefore, some amount of darkening is inevitable. While not being proven to work, skin lightening creams can also contain harmful pigmented ingredients, which can further harm the skin under your arms. Stray away from harsh chemicals and creams that ‘can lighten your underarms in a week’. Let’s be honest; nothing works that quickly. Giving them the right amount of care and nourishment, which can be included in your daily self-care routine (without taking up too much time), can prove to be quite a boon for the body part and will have you raising your arms without a care in the world.

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