10 Unusual Chocolate Flavours To Try This World Chocolate Day

chocolate flavours

Regina Brett once said, “When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.” And we couldn’t agree more. There’s something about chocolate that just gives you instant satisfaction. Put simply, it makes us happy. And the best part is that it tastes good in all forms! Whether it is milk, dark or mixed with fruits and nuts, or tempered and served as thin slices in a box, or melted for you to dip your strawberry in its flowing fountain–chocolate is undoubtedly versatile. Today, artisanal chocolate labels are experimenting with a lot of flavours, from tea mixes to spices to alcohol. To celebrate World Chocolate Day today, we’re adding these unusual chocolate flavours to our sweet box STAT!

1. Bombay Sweet Shop Indie Chocolate Bar 

Love mithai and chocolate but can’t choose? Trust Bombay Sweet Shop to help. This World Chocolate Day, the Indian sweets label introduces the Indie Bar–a 100% vegetarian Indian chocolate bar layered in mithai and dunked in molten chocolate. Its components? Layers of fluffy coconut, sticky and gooey pepper caramel, melt-in-your-mouth patissa (a quintessentially Indian, crisp and flaky mithai, made with gram flour, sugar and ghee), all wrapped in rich, 54% dark chocolate! We can’t wait to sink our teeth into this one!

Available on bombaysweetshop.com

Price: ₹150 (for one)

chocolate flavours

2. Artisanté Tiramisu Bars

Who doesn’t love to indulge in the classic tiramisu dessert? But let’s face facts–we’re not in Italy and tiramisu isn’t available everywhere or any part of the day, especially when those last-minute cravings kick in. Fret not; Artisanté is here to help with its Tiramisu flavoured chocolate bar. It is made with caramelised white chocolate offering an intense and unique toffee-forward flavour with an added strong shot of espresso, finished with a dusting of cocoa powder. It’s like biting into a tiramisu but in the form of a chocolate bar. What more do you want?

Available on artisante.in

Price: ₹390 (for 80g)

chocolate flavours

3. Darkins Banarasi Paan

Mint, sweet, spice and everything nice–expect a roller coaster of flavours with Darkins’ take on Pan Banaras with this 63% dark chocolate! Paan leaves, fennel, cherry, cardamon with natural rose elixir are blended to bring that rich flavour of the chocolate.

Available on darkins.in 

Price: ₹295 (for one)

4. Colocal x Carlsberg India Beer Bonbon

We’ve tasted rum and whiskey-infused chocolates. But have you tried one that includes beer? Now you can as Colocal and Carlsberg have collaborated on a new range–a box of single-origin beer bonbons. Beer and chocolate? Yes, please!

Available and price: Contact 9560586107 for details 

5. Paul And Mike Gin & Ginger

This one is for hardcore gin lovers and vegans. The 64% dark chocolate is infused with the citrusy, pine-like freshness of juniper berry oil (yes, this will remind you of gin) and chewy candied ginger. A combo that is equally unusual yet sinful.

Available on paulandmike.co 

Price: ₹250 (for one)

6. Naviluna 61.8% “Almost Dark” Tokai Coffee & Pineapple Chocolate Bar

The coffee and chocolate blend isn’t unfamiliar at all. But Naviluna has taken the classic combo a notch higher with the addition of pineapple and vanilla. The sweet and tangy flavour of the fruit and freshness of vanilla uplift the coffee and cacao flavours, which makes a strong case for this chocolate to be on your must-try list! 

Available on naviluna.in 

Price: ₹390

7. Mason & Co. 70% Walnut Banana Loaf Dark Chocolate

Throwing it back to the viral 2020 trend of banana bread, Mason & Co. partnered with Copper + Cloves to bring chocolate that reminds you exactly of that. Bite into chewy banana pieces and crunchy walnuts encased in a 70% dark chocolate, and expect nothing but happiness.

Available on masonchocolate.com

Price: ₹360 (for pack of 2)

8. Toska Lavender and Rosemary infused Sea Salt with Fig

If you like hints of salt with sweet, then this bean-to-bar 55% dark chocolate is ideal for you. It is swirled with sea salt, infused with dry Lavender and Rosemary, and topped with dried figs. Decadent in all its glory!

Available on toskachocolates.com

Price: ₹290 (for 1)

chocolate flavours

9. Soklet Chilli Caramelised Nibs

Classic ingredients of a dark chocolate bar get a sweet, spicy and crunchy upgrade. Organic cacao beans are lightly roasted, winnowed and combined with caramelised organic sugar and spices to make this nutritional caramelised nibs. You can enjoy them as is, like a 4 pm snack or even add it to your favourite ice-cream, smoothie or salad. What’s not to love?

Available on soklet.in

Price: ₹295 (for 150g)


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10. Ether Sultan

Ever had a bar of tea-infused chocolate? Ether’s Sultan blends rich notes of Black tea, Cardamom, Ginger, Rose and Marigolds to deliver a luxurious taste. The chocolate is finished with crisp caramelised walnuts and sel-de-mer for an indulgent nutty finish.

Price: ₹575 (for 75g)

Available at etherchocolate.com 

chocolate flavours


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