Stunning Very Peri Makeup Looks You Should Try Out Today

Very Peri Makeup

Pantone’s colour of the year 2022 – Very Peri – is here and it’s a heartwarming one! Very Peri represents creative freedom; a warm lavender tint that, when translated to makeup, gives the skin a unique pop of colour whether used on cheeks, eyelids, or lips. Taking our cue from the knower of beauty and pop star, Rihanna, it’s evident that the shade looks stunning on all skin tones. For its versatility and ability to suit all complexions, it’s time to ace our makeup game with Very Peri. P.S. Can’t wait to try the draped blush trend using the shade!

The trick is to focus the colour around the eyes; whether it is a smoked-out shadow or sharp lines that turn your gaze into a feline vision – it all works. Here are very peri makeup looks you need to try in 2022!

1. Matte And Wings

Very Peri Makeup
Image courtesy: @katiejanehughes

Apply a matte eyeshadow, focus the pigment on the inner corner and fade it out towards the outer corner. Add dimension to the look with a pigmented winged eyeliner in a bold contrasting shade. You may opt for the graphic line to achieve a trendier look.

2. Watercolour Draping

Very Peri Makeup
Image courtesy: @nikki_makeup

For beginners, draping is the technique of depositing colour starting from the top of the cheekbones, and going all the way up to the temples and corner of the brows. Use powder blushes to achieve this look, using a watercolour palette as a reference. Pick a complementary soft hue like lemon yellow or pastel pink to make an edgy combination. This look can also be achieved using a single shade if you prefer a softer look. 

3. Holographic Blend

Very Peri Makeup
Image Courtesy: @priscillaono

Holographic makeup had its moment and NGL, we all enjoyed the trend. With Very Peri as the colour of the year, it’s time to bring holographic beauty moments back because let’s accept it, we all love those rainbow shades on our eyes and cheeks. An ideal look for a night out, opt for a gradient eyeshadow highlighting the inner corners.

4. Glitz Galore

Ver Peri Makeup
Image Courtesy: @ponysmakeup

That’s the thing with makeup, there’s no blueprint to go by. Edgier or fail-proof, no matter what your style is, you can always match a trend to your vibe. If you’re in for an OTT look, choose to use some glitter especially on your eyes. Silver and metallic freckles complement this shade well. The idea is to highlight the eye makeup!

5. Sharp Lines

Very Peri Makeup
Image Courtesy: @raoulalejandre

If you are not a fan of colour dispersion, opt for an ultra-pigmented lavender liner and create sharp lines to showcase the tint. Zendaya’s subtle reverse cat eye is a legit trend RN; talk about a win-win!

6. One For The Inner Corner

Very Peri Makeup
Image Courtesy: @olgadann

Inner corners of the eyes aren’t just meant for a dab of highlighter at the end of your makeup routine. You can make them a statement point as well. Keep the rest of your face minimal and add the very peri hue in the inner corner of the eye. Complete the look with a slim winged liner and faux lashes. 

7. Neon Blast

Very Peri Makeup
Image Courtesy: @rowisingh

Yet another look where you can pair the contrasting hues like warm lavender and neon yellow. While this look is for reference, you can choose any neon shade on a Very Peri base.

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