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In today’s time when beauty is confined to certain torrid norms and standards, it becomes crucial to understand the importance of holistic beauty, benefits of choosing holistic beauty products and ways to achieve it. Holistic beauty is beyond superficial and believes in an approach to treat body, mind & soul in order to achieve overall wellness and well-being. Holistic beauty methods are essential to maintain an overall health as it not just detoxifies the body(skin) but also the mind and soul which reflects on the skin and brings out the natural flush. Makeup and cosmetic products might accelerate your beauty temporarily, but holistic beauty does deep cleansing and provides a natural radiant skin, a glow from within!

So what exactly are the benefits of choosing Holistic beauty products? A conventional product, infused with chemicals feels harsh on the skin and causes inflammation and irritation. Not just this, it impacts the environment and increases carbon footprint. Switching to sustainable holistic beauty products aren’t just beneficial for the environment, but being free from harmful chemicals & preservatives and no fragrances used, it becomes the ultimate superfood for the skin. That is why House of beauty makes use of biodegradable packing and natural ingredients which results in more efficacy & effectiveness. These holistic products aren’t just skin friendly, but are comparatively pocket friendly too. An added advantage – they are free from possible side effects and thus, are a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin.

Incorporating healthy habits in the daily routine is the gateway to Holistic beauty. Following are some of the ways to achieve holistic beauty by Vibhuti Arora from House of beauty India:

  • Staying Hydrated – Sipping up on your cute sippy cups doesn’t just make you look cute, but keeps you healthy as well. We all know water plays an ample source of nutrients for the skin, hair and body, but it also promotes better functionality of our organs & a sharper memory. It is recommended to drink 2-3 litres or 8 glasses of water everyday for its benefits, and is your natural detox drink which cleanses your body, mind and soul. Vibhuti promotes incorporating a copper water bottle for water storage as it turns the water into alkaline, a great choice for a healthy immune system and thus is cooling and calming.

  • Maintain a healthy Diet – You are what you eat! A healthy diet not just fulfils your body’s hunger, but also serves your soul. Adding greens, unsaturated fats, fruits & vegetables, whole grains and keeping away from foods rich in sugar, fried and processed foods is essential and stimulates your overall health & well being. “Ayurveda isn’t just restricted to exercises like yoga asanas, but including a sattvic diet in your routine do wonders for your holistic health” says Vibhuti.

  • A proper Sleep Schedule – A 7-8 house “beauty” sleep doesn’t just keep your under eye issues at bay, but keeps your immune system healthy and lifts your mood throughout the day. With your organs functioning ideally (due to proper rest), visible results will be shown in your skin too.Tap here to get rid of those Under Eye Issues!
  • Get Moving – Yoga Asanas / Meditation – At times where stress affects all our life aspects, it becomes imperative to involve practices for a better physical and mental health. Yoga Asanas and Meditation aims at providing relief and releasing stress, thus detoxifying your body while the concentration and focus it involves detoxifies your mind and soul. It decreases skin’s cortisol levels thus, helps in skin’s flexibility and gives a glowing and youthful skin. Similarly, relaxing and toning of those overworked muscles on the face brings out the natural glow, making us look and feel healthier.
  • Socialising with near & dear ones – Interacting with the people we like and love, be it friends or family gives us a sense of identity and validation. This boost of self-love and self-confidence provides an inner glow and radiance. “Not just this, our blood circulation is also stimulated which gives the cheeks the natural ‘rosy’ flush” says Vibhuti. Remember, when you feel beautiful, you look beautiful.

So beauties, contemplate on the daily habits and carry off that glow with House of Beauty’s Holistic Skincare products and face tools.

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