I Tried A Menstrual Pain Relief Device To Get Over The Habit Of Popping Pills

Period Pain Reliever welmex

Not to brag, but I am pretty much perfect – flawless, faultless and totally cute. I never go to bed with makeup on, call my parents every day and never mix whites and colours in the wash. But owning a uterus has called for a few vices and slip-ups in my life. The most significant one being my reliance on painkillers during the first two days of my period. Yep, what started as an emergency relief soon turned into a habit. So much so that I would wait for my cycle to come around so that I could pop the pills and feel better. These meds can do some nasty things inside your body, so I decided to try a menstrual pain relief device to treat my body better.

When it comes to menstrual health tools, my experience had been limited to period pain relief patches and electric water bags that use heat to deal with the cramping and discomfort. However, as someone with extremely sensitive skin, the stick-on patches or material they are made of irritated my skin. Not to mention the effect only lasted a couple of hours. This is why a prospect like the Welme Period Pain Relief Device intrigued me.


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The Welme is a period pain relief device that claims to work on scientifically-proven TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) Therapy that releases soothing electrical impulses through sticky electrode patches. These low voltage electrical current impulses block the transmission of pain signals, thus altering the perception of pain. It also stimulates the release of endorphins, the chemical known to eradicate pain in the body. It is entirely drug-free and suitable for women of all age groups. It claims to help with PCOS and PCOD pain relief when used at a comfortable frequency but is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

NGL, I was apprehensive about using an electric therapy device at first. A movie buff like me has only seen protagonists suffer at the end of electrodes. Plus, I am slow to catch up to the digitisation of everyday life. I am still one of those people who ask for directions instead of trusting the map on my smartphone. But once I tried it, I was proven a fool for keeping it off for so long. Let’s start with the pros, shall we –

1. First off, the device actually does deliver on the claims. Not right away because I used it at the lowest setting (paying it safe!), but when I tried it at the right setting for myself, I did notice an easing of the cramping.

2. The effects lasted for a good couple of hours. However, I could feel a couple of rogue cramps creep back in. The good thing about the device is that you can use it multiple times a day, so another 15 minutes, and I am comfortable again.

3. The electrode patches, which at first look can feel intimidating, were surprisingly gentle on the skin. They stick properly and come off without pulling and tugging the skin. They are stored with a transparent acrylic sheet to protect the adhesive and gelatin-like material. FYI, given that the electrodes must be used on naked skin, I recommend not sharing your device with anyone.

4. The device can feel overwhelming for first-time users, and the instruction manual, while thoroughly detailed on how to use and maintain the menstrual pain relief device, lacks words of comfort for the user. It does not mention what to expect from the device. You will feel a slight tingling when the device is working, and if you are not used to the sensation, it can take you by surprise. So, sort by using the device on the lowest setting and gradually increase the intensity once you get used to the sensation.

5. The box could be a bit more user-friendly, and re-packing the device and all the accessories that come with it took some time and effort. If you decide to invest in the device, I recommend investing in a silk pouch or bag to easily store the device and its contents. Another tip: the cordless charger needs an adapter which iOS users may not always have, so be prepared for that.

I most definitely will be using the device again and try to get comfortable with it so that I can make the best of it. If anything can rid me of the side effects of pain pills and irritating heat patches, they are worth a second (and a third) chance!

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