What’s The Hype Around Cat-Eye Lifts?

Cat-Eye Lift

Aren’t we all fans of Bella Hadid’s sultry feline gaze? And with compulsory mask-wearing, all the focus is on the upper third of the face, which has made us all want to pay special attention to our brows and eyes. Millennials have moved a step beyond fuller brows and cat-eye liners to opt for a cat-eye brow lift—a surgical procedure that elevates the lateral third of the eyebrows or the tails. Let’s find out more:

What Is The Cat-Eye Lift?

The cat-eye lift trend revolves around shaping your eye like an almond or a cat which involves lifting the corner of your eye. Dr Kiran Kaur Sethi, MD, cosmetologist and founder of Isya Aesthetics, explains, “Instead of a horizontal angle of the lateral portion of the eye, it’s an upwards lift that will appear more cat eye-like.” 

What Are The Different Options?

There are three kinds of options to get the eye lift, “First is a Blepharoplasty–where you do an overall eye lift or a segment of the eyelids to make them look firm. The second is a Temporal Lift, also known as browplasty, where you only lift the forehead skin, and the suture is made on the temple. And the final one is a highly technical procedure called Canthoplasty which can make your eyes almond-shaped,” says Dr Sethi. 

For those reluctant to go under the blade, Dr Chytra V Anand, cosmetic dermatologist and founder of Kosmoderma Clinics, sheds light on the alternative option to surgery. He says, “The cat-eye thread lift, also known as fox eye lift is a non-surgical procedure to lift the eyebrows and the temporal area (lateral forehead). Threads (temporary sutures) are placed under the skin to lift the outer eyebrows towards the temporal hairline, which creates a cat-like tilt of eyes.” 

Costs And Side Effects


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If you’re considering riding the cat-eye lift trend wave right now, be prepared for an exorbitant cheque for surgery. Dr Sethi shares, “The cost runs into lakhs as it’s about a crucial organ in your body, and you want to trust the best creative surgeons with your face to produce an aesthetically pleasing outcome.”

However, the non-surgical procedure is easier on the pocket but has temporary effects and will need repeats.  Dr Anand says, “The non-invasive procedure will cost you anywhere between Rs 15,000 to 20,000 with an experienced specialist.”

The side effects of both procedures include facial pain, headache, bruising and swelling, which tends to settle down in 5-7 days of the thread lift, but the surgical procedure takes much longer to heal completely. Dr Sethi warns, “As this is a technical operation, it’s also advisable to fully analyse your face first as some areas can age faster than your eyes and post-operative, the face can look asymmetrical.” 

Is The Hype Worth It?

This is a question with numerous perceptive answers. Dr Sethi and Dr Anand reiterate how staying indoors on our phones have spiked interest in getting the lift as people are more conscious of their eyes with masks on. However, the pivotal criteria to make a decision is dwelled under fully acknowledging the facts that the surgical procedures are permanent, whereas the non-surgical thread lift can dilute within nine months to one year. 

Since it’s all about your eyes, cosmetologists recommend speaking to experts and plastic surgeons beforehand. If you’re a smart cat, you’ll weigh out the pros and cons before you take the leap! 

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