Wondering Which Mascara Wand To Opt For? We Simplify It For You


Let’s talk mascaras. Even if you spend ages blending shadows, topping them with some glitter and precisely lining those lids, nothing will make a bigger impact than amping up lashes with a mascara. Moreover, as someone who is more often than not rushing out of her house, I’ve learned that just a well-chosen mascara, paired with a lip tint, works wonders in making me look put together.

However, what many might not realise is that choosing a mascara isn’t just in the formula, it’s also, and majorly so, about the wand. From hourglass to curved and straight to twisted, each has its own flair and purpose. On days I want lashes like Bambi, I go in with an hourglass wand for that extra volume. But on days I want a natural flutter, I use a curved wand that lifts and curls my lashes.

So, here is a low down of five unique mascara wands to choose from:


This one’s my personal favourite; a jumbo, hourglass-shaped wand is sure to give you a volume lift and thickness with the least number of coats. However, this can also get a little messy by transferring onto the eyelids so have a Q-tip handy and clean the mess up once the mascara is dry.

Try: L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise and Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascaras for maximum volume!


The tapered, conical wand ensures that your inner lashes get just as much love as outer lashes. The thinner end reaches all the way to the inner corner of the eye, mimicking the look of falsies. This wand is especially beneficial to get an even coating on all your lashes and lengthen them altogether.

Try: Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Sky High Waterproof and Rimmel London Wonder Extension Mascaras for that even lift!


If your lashes are as straight as a line, this wand is for you. The curved wand hugs the lashes and curls them from root to tip, from one corner to the other. You’re eyes are sure to look wide open, in the best way possible.

Try: Benefit Cosmetics Fan Fest Fanning & Volumizing and MARS Fabulash Mascaras for the eyes-wide-open look!

Comb Brush

In all honesty, I had never used a wand like this one before writing this article; and to say I’m impressed would be an understatement.

This unique brush is perfect for those with shorter, thinner lashes because just like a comb, it grabs and coats each lash evenly. But even for someone like me who has pretty long lashes, this is a great, everyday mascara that separates the lashes and makes them look clump-free.

Try: SimplyNam Clean Lashes Mascara for that clean-girl look!

Short Bristles

Like the comb brush, this wand also coats each lash evenly. But because it has shorter bristles, it grabs onto the root of the lash and lengthens them, making them appear longer. This also gives the appearance of a fuller lash line, further defining the eyes and making them pop.

Try: Iconic London Triple Threat and FAE Beauty Brash Volumizing & Lengthening Formula Dual Mascaras for length and separation!

Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix and match mascaras to get your desired look. For instance, I love going in with an hourglass wand on my upper lashes to give me that dramatic volume but choose a skinny wand for my lower lashes just to separate and define them.

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